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Having a hard time keeping Karin rush down off me. Anyone have a link to her unsafe moves? seems her pokes are so much better and longer than guiles.


Guile’s cr.MK is oddly good at beating Ressenha. It looks like it would/should totally whiff, but it catches her at certain ranges that other normals won’t. As long as you are careful with your booms and don’t get read with Ressenhas, it’s not too bad. Still, it’s annoying that we don’t have a good punish against blocked Ressenha (high to low block kills FK charge). She can also use EX Orochi to beat boom zoning on reaction, which is really good.

Probably slightly in Karin’s favor?


From my experiences so far I don’t think Guile does too bad against Karin. You’ve just got to play very lame. Lots of back fierce punch and clever booms.


So, what’s the best punish for ressenhas?


I do two cr.lps into boom. The reason why I do two lps is just in case she wants to try to do the other options off Ressenha.


Lately, I’m pretty sure this matchup is horrible for Guile. Karin gets in for free, doesn’t care about our zoning, and destroys us in footsies. Feels really, really, really bad if the Karin is competent.


I too have severe issues with the matchup, and agree for the most part. Karin’s aggression is extremely difficult to thwart and is very smothering. Keeping her out/Zoning is extremely difficult and FRAGILE as all hell. Any one or two mistakes provides Karin the opportunities she needs to close out the round.

I’ve found V-reversal is insanely INSANELY important in this matchup, ESPECIALLY when Karin has her V-trigger active. Almost always need to v-reversal the Rekkas, otherwise you get smothered. I cannot think of any opportunities where V-trigger is better to use than V-reversal unless of course crush counter combos or jump in/boom loops.


the best way to beat her amazing sweep every time is forward sobat. It pretty much will always hit regardless if she’s at the perfect range.



st mk is very good at counter-hitting booms so it can be tough to deal with, however, st mp>f hp target combo is a good whiff punishing option for it.
B Hp and cr mp seem to be effective at stopping her from walking forward and poking.
All of these options lose to st hk though (as does sonic boom) which makes it tough to deal with if they’re unpredictable with their st hks. I haven’t found a particularly good way to deal with st hk but being unpredictable with boom timings should let you punish some whiffed ones. Occasional neutral jumps help too.
And of course, because her standing buttons are so strong it makes f HP a very strong option, so if she’s walking forward or poking too much then you should punish her for it.
As always, f mk is strong too, but she has options to whiff punish it so I try not to use it unless it’s guaranteed.

She also doesn’t have the strongest anti-airs so don’t forget to do jump forward hk once in a while.


I was playing against this karin character and she was controlling the mid range with her v-skill. The move has good priority and cancels projectiles. One thing I started doing was using guile’s knee bazooka to counter it. It’s great because it combos on counter hit now and it comes out a little faster than sobat. The knee bazooka really turned the match around for me.


I really struggle with this match up as guile.


Can anyone give me some advice from this set i had ?
I try use crouching hp to anti air her overhead special. I struggle against her standing Mk and sweep.
Not sure what distance to fighter her overall. Any helpful advice is welcome.