Karin post orochi blocked



Hey everyone haven’t been on srk since vanilla well anyways… I’m not sure where I should be posting this or not since its been a while but what are some/best options after orochi has been blocked? Also having trouble getting in on better players in without too much jumping should I be command dashing my way in immediately until I can start poking? I have so many more questions to ask I don’t know where to start thanks in advance!


This has been discussed before in the general thread. You should post there. Your best option after blocked orochi is to block yourself. You’re at -2, don’t think you can get away with buttons. If you notice they press buttons after every single blocked orochi you can get frisky with ex ressen, but else than that you’re best off at just holding back. For the majority of situations, getting orochi blocked means losing your turn to press stuff.

Jumping in is a bad way to get in, and cmd dash can be risky since it’s reactably slow. Just slither your way in with walk and block since Karin have such a great walkspeed, and poke with stmk. Her regular dash is decently fast so you should rather use that instead of her cmd dashes to get in.


thanks Smk seems like one of her best tools still working on perfecting spacing her anti airs (sHP and cHP) seems like they work for different situations… my problem with standing heavy is i trade sometimes which can be a little frustrating