Karin Q&A Thread



If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about Karin, this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about Karin, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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Anyone find any useful followups for CC Cr. HP yet? I know that If V-Trigger is running you can get Rekkas (xx CA). Without VT a basic Tenko works with an additional EX Mujinkyaku if your opponent is in the corner. Is there anything better?


I usually use it for resets standing hp , mk dash into cross up etc… I have a question sometimes ppl just walk out of range of my jump mk cross up anyone else having that issue?


After sending someone into the air with the Cr.HP CC you can walk in with st.LP to reset and follow up with m.Senko to get on the other side of the player before they land.


How do you get the dash reset off of ex shoulder? I just keep landing in front of people. And did J chen just go around every thread and making an opening for every character? lol


They removed meterless dash unders off ex-shoulder in beta 4 I believe. You can still go under with a s.MP xx EX command dash. That’s 2 meters total for something really gimmicky though.


What is Karin’s shoulder for? Does it have some hidden properties that make it more useful than it seems?


It leaves you -2 which is good for frametrap set ups afterwards. The EX version puts the opponent into crumple state, so you can do shenanigans afterwards or combo into V-trigger rekka.

edit: dont post while half asleep, dont try to press buttons if you’re -2


Does anyone know which (if any) of her normals hit meaty?


That isn’t how frame traps work, pressing buttons after shoulder against anyone without a slow normal is just asking to get counterhit into stupid damage


Yeah that’s what I get for posting right after work, thanks for the catch. ending with Orochi leaves you -2. It can be slightly delayed as a trap if you want to get cheeky. Def not a frame trap.


Is Karin’s full frame data available anywhere? Or is it still being compiled?

EDIT: Nevermind, friend of mine linked me to a google document. This includes everyone else’s as well. Looks like a work in progress.



Yeah, it is simply safe on block. So you can use it as a block string Cr.lp, Cr.mp, St.mp, into shoulder is safe on block but resets to neutral. You cannot safely push buttons afterwards.

Cr.mp - cr. sp is the fram trap since there are 3 frames for them to push jab and get counter hit with the st.mp taking priority.
however, anyone know if a DP there beats out st.mp?

Time to try it in the lab.


What’s the point in her qsb MK? The last hit can be blocked even if the first two hits.
Was going through the roster checking out all the moves and this seemed odd


The last hit is an overhead, but they can jab you out after the initial kick at the start. It also combos after a crHP crush counter.


I’ve seen it used online as a goofy little trap where someone thinks they’ve blocked a qcbLK but it’s not really legit or anything. But if you land cr.HP crush counter you can use qcbMK for good damage/stun since all three kicks will land in the juggle.


I see. Thanks!
The whole CC mechanic is something I need to look into next.


Depends on what you mean by “hit meaty”. If you’re thinking of ST/Guilty Gear levels of active frames, this game doesn’t really have that.
s.LK and c.MP are good meaties though. s.LK gives you a bunch of links, and I believe c.MP has 4 active frames which makes it relatively easy to time.

If you do s.MP xx shoulder, the shoulder will beat jabs if they mash that, and allows you whiff coax people afterwards. Someone made a nice video of it last week, I recommend checking it out here.


Also, the shoulder is safe on block, and doing a couple of shoulders is a nice way to condition people to block after s.MP / c.MK, setting up normal xx command dash into throw.

I do wish the shoulder as as good as Yun / Guy shoulders in SF4 though, sadly the low pushback in SFV makes it worse. It’s not useless though.


Does Senha Resshu have any use at all? I can’t see a scenario where you could land it.


It does seem a little pointless given that there’s no reason for your op to stand-up after the senha…
Maybe there are responses to senha that make resshu useful?