Karin Trial 6 rage



I’m trying to learn the Tenko to Orochi and I’m terrible at it. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I included a vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgkNEdKmic


I managed to do this one after doing it a lot, I’m stuck at level 7 now.

I’m not sure exactly what the properties are, but for every challenge I recommend starting from the first step and working your way down. It’s possible that doing it raw from the tenko like you are is actually changing the positioning and speed of when the orochi hits as opposed to the phase the characters are in when being stunned from the previous hits of the combo landing.

Just work your way down the combo basically, as the game wants you to.


that’s crazy… lol I easily did all 9 of her other trials… in fact, this is the only trial I have left to do. bruh… my hair is going to turn white trying to complete this.


Oh wow I didn’t even notice that you can skip over trials.


This trial sucks. I had to switch to Hitbox to beat it, but I did see a good tip on Reddit: Don’t hit qcf+K, pause, d+P. Instead, hit d, df, f, d, piano K->P . Because of the easy inputs system this will come out as an instant orochi.




If it’s any help, this is a pretty hard combo in general and I’ve only seen Mago do it consistently of strong Karins on streams. I’m always trying to do it since it’s not the worst thing to fail at either. If you accidental another tenko it’s a combo anyway into setup, if I misstime it and get a too slow orochi so it whiffs, a followup crmp is meaty. It’s all about practicing it.

My personal tip is to, in training mode, hit them with a raw jf tenko and immediately hold up. This will make you jump as soon as you recover from the tenko, and do this a couple of times just to familiarize yourself with the timing for when you have recovered after the first tenko. Then try doing jf tenko into just the sappo dash, not to orochi at first, and try to find the perfect timing for how early you can do the sappo input but still have it come out. Make muscle memory out of this. Then add in d+p.

An advanced version of this trial would be jhk > cmk xx jf tenko > orochi xx super. It’s a super cool combo to do, and the most damage you can get from a tenko into super midscreen.


I posted this in the trials thread.

Karin’s juggle orochi after JFT is just like JFT except with a d input.

JF tenko, orochi juggle should be input as qcf+k~p, qcf+k~d+p.

qcf, d~k~p is good enough as well unless you do the down really early. I’m not gonna say it’s super easy but it shouldn’t be something you’re coming on here to ask advice about either. It’s Karin’s basic punish imo if you have super and no v trigger, because jump fp, s. fp, JFT, orochi xx super is my basic stun combo with Karin. Practice.

For the timing on her c. mk xx jft, this shouldn’t be hard. Do it a little later. It’s not a super late cancel but don’t do it early. If you’re messing it up you’re doing it too fast, not too slow. pop…pop! You shouldn’t be canceling into JFT until like halfway into c. mk. After JF tenko, what I said above applies for the orochi.

I hope this helps but if it doesn’t just remember this: If you’re screwing up you’re probably doing it too fast, not too slow. It’s one of those things you’ll screw up like 20 times, then after you do it a few times, suddenly you can do it 10 times in a row heh


I got it by following the video posted. Thank you so much, guys.


Yes, this was the biggest pain.
I had no problem up to the last Orochi. Either I would Tenko juggle or whiff Orochi. Sometimes even clipping through them and hitting the wrong side.
But got it and all done now.


Yeah, I’ve completed other character’s trials, but her trial 6 was easily the one I have spent the most time on. I still can’t do the juggle consistently.

I find that if I do a plink or a fast piano, jft comes out. Merhotz suggestion hasn’t worked for me, maybe I’m doing the motion too close together to the point where I hit punch before I’ve held down? Kattchips suggestion is also good, I’m going to try and hold up so I can see where her animation ends, that way I can time it a bit better. For the most part, I can get the orochi to come out, but I’m always a frame or two late.

What I’m trying to do is as soon as Ryu hits the apex, I do the sappo input, so that’s buffered, then wait half a second and do hold down and press punch. So it’s a really slow piano. Do you guys have success actually plinking it?


Completed all of Karins Trials. Still pretty bad at doing JFT>Orochi consistently. Now that people are getting better I’m having a tougher time getting any kind of win streak going. I really feel like my game is stunted by the difficulty of JFT>Orochi as JFT>lk mujin just isn’t cutting it anymore for damage.

Really need to practice this.


Hi. I have an easier way of inputing the last 4 lines. However, it will require some button remaping. Indeed, mapping the throw button into a single button will allow you to input these last 4 lines by only pressing the throw button.

I believe it uses the option select mechanism.

When inputing QCF+THROW, the game will automatically do SEPPO.
By reppressing THROW during SEPPO, the game will translate it into a TENKO

Same mechanism for the last 2 ligne.

This trick can be applied to many character.
Example with ken:

QCF+ V-TRigger (when depleted are during boost ) = HAAADOUKEN
QCB+ V-TRigger (when depleted are during boost ) = TATSUUUU MACOUILLE

note: the QCF must be extanded to QCF up-forward.


That sounds like it would work great for Tenko, but you still have to piano Orochi, so not as useful. I would recommend just practicing the tenko plink and then getting the timing right for the orochi. One trick I have tried but didn’t follow through with is to plink lk with your index or thumb and hp with your pinky or ring finger. That way, I can keep my muscle memory for my light plinks intact and then my index and pinky have a different set of muscle memories.


After Tenko, I was able to pull the Orochi by using this method. But the window is very narrow. Most of my Orochi attempt ended in a throw animation.

note*: Ok. I remember how now. There is a new trick. QCF is not exactly a QCF. It has to be extended to foward up +Throw. This way, its 100% sure to pull seppo and not throw.

So in other words; input is:

Seppo -> Tenko = QCF up-forward + Throw - > throw
Seppo -> Orochi = QCF up-forward + Throw -> Down + Throw.

AFter testing, it works fine.


I’m happy to report that my execution of this move has drastically improved. 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t hit it out of 50 tries. A week ago I was hitting maybe 1-2 out of 10. Yesterday and today, I’m hitting like 7-8 out of 10. I feel like by next week, I should be confident in my ability to hit it very consistently in matches.

My movement is qcf > down > k > p (I press lk with my index and lp with my middle finder), leaving a small 3-5 frame gap between k and p. Again, you can’t plink or a tenko will come out.

I’ve been practicing almost an hour every day for the past 3 weeks, I’ve dedicated maybe 10 minutes on average for that specific link, just to give you an idea of the time investment I needed to get there.


When you guys finish learning Orochi, try to implement some non-Tenko combos with Ex-Orochi, you’ll be able to do some very crazy cross-under tech with it and the damage output from this will be more than any 2-meter combo will ever do. Keep in mind this is a reset/mixup but its very rewarding!

Obviously when you want to pull off a reset you’re going to have to use it when you think your opponent is expecting it the least. Very good for online. Use it sparingly for long sets in battle-lounges & versus to keep your enemy nervous/guessing. Here are some real scenarios you could pull off:

Hit Confirms with Ex-Orochi (Requires 2 Meters):
Your standard hit-confirm
Cr. M. Punch > St. M. Punch > Ex-Orochi (enemy crumble) > St. H. Punch > Ex-Command Dash (cross-under & reset) > Cr. M. Punch (meaty) > Cr. M. Kick/St. M. Punch > Fast Tenko > Fast Tenko

If they’re too far for St. M. Punch here is the alternative
Cr. M. Punch > Cr. M. Kick > Ex-Orochi (enemy crumble) > St. H. Punch > Ex-Command Dash (cross-under & reset) > Cr. M. Punch (meaty) > Cr. M. Kick/St. M. Punch > Fast Tenko > Fast Tenko

If they have fireballs (Ryu, Ken, Nash, Guile, etc) on reaction
Ex-Orochi (under the fireball + triggers their crumble-animation) > St. H. Punch > Ex-Command Dash (cross-under & reset) > Cr. M. Punch (meaty) > Cr. M. Kick/St. M. Punch > Fast Tenko > Fast Tenko

If you have V-Trigger available, you’re about to obtain some more hardcore damage & pressure
Like all the combos above they provide a more safe-route to opening the enemy up by hitting them with a hit-confirm to their feet. The combo here is very safe since you’re using V-Trigger whether or not this combo is blocked or hit! Which makes it very ideal & safe option if you have V-Trigger!

Maximum Orochi, Ex-CrossUnder/Reset, V-Trigger Damage
Cr. M. Punch > Cr. M. Kick > Ex-Orochi (enemy crumble) > St. H. Punch > Ex-Command Dash (cross-under & reset) > St. H. Kick (meaty) > V-Trigger > Walk a little bit > St. H. Kick > St. H. Punch > Fast Tenko > Fast Tenko

As you can see here these are combos we know all works. I don’t have to post much videos or information regarding the validity of the damage. You can only imagine how deadly this reset is. Cause if they guess wrong they lose 60% or more of their HP. If they guess right on your cross-under its safe cause of your V-Trigger. You can just stop the combo, do more pressure strings, or anything you want!

Want to see it in action?
Nice thing about the video is it displays key-input and shows total damage per combo & compares them individually at the end!


Why are you spamming this? It doesn’t have Anything to do with trial 6.

  1. Wrong thread as mentioned.
  2. The reset is a gimmick. If your opponent knows that non-ex sappo never crosses under and ex sappo always crosses under they will always be able to block this. It’s very telegraphed.


Im new to stick been about a year shit cant do this :frowning: