Karin v Necalli



Thread for matchup knowledge vs Necalli. PM me if you want me to update the OP with some data.

blocked st. HK is -6, you can punish with jab/short xx JFT
all of his beserker barrages are punishable i think
light stomp is -5? or -4, its punishable with a jab xx JFT combo
his overhead is -4, punish with jab xx JFT
sweep is -10, go ham

this dude has a 3 frame reversal, lol
hes got a command grab too but its 8 frames

st. MP does work in this matchup, combo on hit and plus on block. combos into itself on counter hit


Why didn’t you put this on the Match-Ups Thread?


because the matchup thread format is a turd to parse and there’s not even a full page of threads in this subforum