Karin Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using Karin? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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Justin Wong uploaded a ton of day 1 matches between him and Floe. Both of them are testing a whole bunch of characters, but there’s a lot of Karin footage lying around here.

Here’s David, with some nice commentary , playing Zangief/Dahlsim/F.A.N.G. against a Karin.


I’m posting Karin ranked match vids. I still have a lot to learn and improve, but if you want to get an idea of the casual scene in Japan here you go.


Karin breakdown from Sajam

Here is about an hours worth of Karin footage vs a friend of mine. Includes games vs Gief, Chun, Ryu and Cammy. (Sorry about the people talking)


Mago seems to be maining Karin. Not very surprising, she seems like a good fit for him.

Streaming some Karin games online. Come check it out

Sako vs Daigo



Hi. Couple matches from this weekend.

I know there’s a lot of unsafe and suboptimal stuff in this, but it’s my first weekend really playing SFV.

nice match against Arturo. Definitely one of the scariest dudes week one.

Just wait for their feet to be at eye level and jump in. Pretty simple


An hour of Justin playing (mostly) Karin. =3

Some setups I’ve just picked up on. Really just started learning her.

Hey guys, can yall critique my matches and help me improved. at a deadlock and know I need alot of improvement to do.



Karin 67% Frame Trap Mixup



First, you shouldn’t go for Mujin or Ressenha as block string. This is a very bad habit and you’ll get killed in the long run. The Ken start to punish your full screen Ressenha with a DP but maybe he can do even better damage.

I don’t saw you use st.MK that much and it’s a very good poke.

Don’t try telegraph cross-up that will put you in the corner. This is just begging for corner pressure from your opponent.

Try to maximize your damage. On Laura you had ressource and you only did a basic BnB combo where you could have killed/almost killed her by using them.

Here’s some of my online matches. Not great at the game but constructive criticism is welcome.

First use proper links. cr.MP, st.MP is a proper link, cr.MP, cr.MK is too. st.LP, st.MP / cr.LP, cr.MK, etc… aren’t.
You’re missing a lot of damage opportunity from jump MK by using those fake links.

Second, you must use Tenko, Mujin, Ressenha only on hit confirm. Don’t throw them like that or you’ll get killed against players that knows how to punish them on block.

Pratice your BnB. Landing Tenko with no juggle is a fail.

Use your meter to maximize damage.