Karin vs Zangief help!


I’m a Newbie Karin player! I really enjoy her style in Streetfighter V and managed to make it to silver, but i’m having a really hard time against certain match-ups

Zangief I find him very intimating. I try to keep him away with a few standing Mk, but other then that…
I really don’t see how i’m suppose to fight him? Combo’s don’t seem to work on him because any time i’m close up he command grabs me and takes down so much of my health.
Plus he has armor moves which make it even harder to attack him.


Firstly, I AM NOT the person to ask about SF related things. But since it’s almost been 24 hours with no comment, let me see what I can do.

Like most command grabs, they only work when the target is on the ground. Unless it’s some weird command air grab, but I don’t think Zangief has any of those. So if you jump cancle just as he’s going in to throw, he’ll miss and be open to retaliation. This is an old video, but it looks like this weird dash also makes Karin impervious to Zangief’s hug.

(5 second mark)


I can’t really help with moves involving super armor, as I don’t know how super armor works in SF5 (this is SF5 we’re discussing, right?) If the armor lasts for a few hits, you could try a multi-hit attack. If it’s a full super armor attack, then you could try blocking and retaliating.

You’re in silver now, you’re going to have to learn how other characters work if you want to be successful. Try looking at some Zangief match ups and see how other people deal with him. They don’t need to be fighting Karin, the goal is just to see when he’s vulnerable when performing said moves.


It would be a lot easier to give feedback if we saw what you’re actually doing in your matches. Do you have any replays you can upload?


Try the Karin match up thread Karin Match Up Thread: Oops! Sorry! Can I still play?

You’ll probably get more intimate help there.