Karnov's Revenge/Fighters History Dynamite

So, Im at some random hotel earlier today, and I found this in a NeoGeo cabinet in the outdated arcade. By outdated, I mean it had a SFA, a Tekken 2, and a DDR 2nd Mix.

I dont understand the beef with this game, I hear people preach about how much of a scab it is to fighters. For it’s age, It’s actually ok, and coming up with the combos is kind of fun as well. Enlighten me on the bad aspects.


Bad: The Gay Pedophile (no, seriously…check out his endings) Clown

BALOOOOOON!, unless you consider that a good thing.

Edit: Damnit

I got the tiers in my Eye of the Ragin Storm thread…we have been discussing it…I’d like for you to come join us in its discussion! :tup:


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I have one thing to say : FIRE!!!

also i ran into this lost gem of a fighting game called Kizuna Encounter
its like a tag battle game…its pretty fun…wish they had more characters though

Double German anyone?

Got Kizuna Encounter getting started in my thread too…tops IMO is Kim Sue Il…

yes it is a tag game…once again I invite everyone to come in and talk Kizuna Encounter, Savage Reign, Waku Waku 7, Karnovs Revenge, all things SNK in my At the Eye of the Ragin’ Storm thread…

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I wish we had just one thread for all Capcom discussion, too. We’d only need like ten threads for the whole forum. Let’s get cracking on that!

…No? Hm.