Karnov's Revenge/Fighters History Dynamite

This game is like ST with an injection of drugs and lulz, and I know there’s a few players on here, and I was wondering who they be/when they play. I usually play 8:00 PM EST to about 11:00 PM EST, and I play Zazie, Ray and Marstorious with a bit of Matlok and Samchay for laffz.

karnov’s is hilarious

i play once in awhile, i only use Lee pretty much, might try out some others

i would be down to play tonight at 8 est, for sure


I main Jean, but I play everyone cept for Yungmie and Felin.

Hit me up on aim sometime.

Both djfrijoles and I play Karnov’s revenge. I use Clown and Mizoguchi. Just hit me up on AIM or something for games.

I play every once in a while. I use Yungmie and some other chars.

this game is the shit, so glad to see more people playing it.

I’m usually on late at night. AIM is same as my username, or holla at BBH on #srkkaillera

Marstorius is pretty much my “main” but I mess around with pretty much every character except Feilin.