Kasucodes Aluminum Dust Washers. ( Now Available )


I’m getting custom parts for a very custom stick anodized and laser engraved. There is a minimum charge, so at the same time I will make 200+ dust washers out of aluminum, get them all anodized and laser engraved. I’m hoping to have some done in time for Evo as I will be there and might offer them at EVO first. If you are interested please let me know. I will be posting information of the process. Depending on how things go I might also offer color matching shaft covers and other custom bits.

They will be roughly the same size as you can see.
about 1mm wider then stock
.003" thicker
ID will fit JLF

I might also post a few designs later so people can vote for the engraving layouts.






I was wondering when you give your Aluminum Cutting.


Gimme so I can candy coat.


I want colored and non colored ones! I can’t wait to see what you do with the engravings, I’ll definitely be a buyer.


I’ll want at the very least two of these, but probably 4. Colored and non-colored here as well. How much, and when can I buy them? Take my money. lol


I will try to offer as many options as I can. The more colors or engraving options I add the higher the cost so I need to balance so its cost effective. Which colors would you like to see? Im sure ill offer non anodized, non engraved, just polished ones at a cheaper price. Im not sure what I can price them at yet. as soon as I know ill post pricing.




silver !, oh wait… eff it, I want one ! (or 4)


To give you an idea of the process…





I’ll have different finishes to choose from. Some with a mirror finish, brushed, and so on.


Any chance the aluminum (or more precisely, the edges) can end up ruining art?


The edges are smoother then the plastic stock ones. Still in the process of making these so I haven’t tested myself but i seriously doubt it. Most of them (depending on the finish) are sanded from 300-2000 grit, buffed, and polished. Very smooth!


i’ll picked up a mirror’d one at evo. See you there. Look for the guy that has “meowjin” written on the back of the shirt.


Will do, look for KASUCODE on the back of mine.


You still looking to announce “something” after Evo?

Cause I’m still interested.


I’d love a mirrored on to go on my Qanba Q4RAF.


Yes I have a production stick I will introduce. I just don’t have the time before evo to get it together. Ideally sometime in August / early September.


this would probably go well with my aluminum battop and 711 straw shaft cover. If you have them at evo, I will take one as well! If there is a color preference white, blue or red!!!


If I can make it to Evo I’ll pick up at least one, maybe more, of the one in the pic. Looks like mirror finish. Do you have a price range for these?


Let d3v have them all to candy coat them to sell in the trading outlet.


Darn you guys and making me jealous of people that can make purchases online… Doesn’t help that I don’t meet requirements for buying stuff off SRK anyways