Kasumi Gake glitch?

I’ve had this similar problem before with kasumi gake, I use the HK button to dash to the other side of them, yet some moves act as if I never actually dashed and I get hit, e.g:

In my last match against a Guy player, he did his Bushin Hasoken (super), what happened was, I dashed to the other side of him and he did his super in mid dash, now it showed me finish up the dash as being behind him and it showed him do his super which is the grapple, it showed him basically grab thin air due to the fact that I ended up behind him, yet it initiated his super and I just ended up like O_o.

So has anyone else experienced any weired stuff happening like this? is this even a glitch? design flaw? or what? =x

Can you give us a video of the match?

Also I’m pretty sure Guy’s super is not a grab.

Yea my bad, dunno why I thought it was his super, it would be his Ultra command grab, also since it’s on my xbox and I don’t have any actual recording thing, the only way I think I could show it, is either using my webcam on my PC or my phone to record and upload to youtube, I could do that if you still want to see it.

How good is your webcam or phone? Maybe just share the replay with me on XBL and I’ll record and upload it to youtube. I got an EasyCap recorder which does like 640x480.

Yea the share could work, just gota tell me how/what to do lol.

Add my GT: MingoDynasty

Appears your friends list is full by the looks of it =x

Try again.

Go to replay channel -> my channel -> open channel -> pick replay(s) -> invite to party