Kasumi Gake

I’ve been trying to incorporate Kasumi Gake into my gameplay, but is there any other use for it other than a fake cross up and Yoroi Doushi set up?

Actually I was referring to her command dash.

s.mk to put them into block stun, do the command dash, then mixup. Throw is the norm, you could also superjump cancel to SAI, or whatever else you wanna try. You have to put the guy on blockstun to use the thing, since if you get hit while dashing its 2-4x more damage.

I’m pretty sure it’s 50% more damage. Getting hit while crouching is 25% more.

But yeah, the primary uses are after a launch and reset, or after a blocked normal.

The most common ones being:

  • MK, qcf+SK

  • close LP, MP, HP, qcf+SK

  • back+MP, HP, qcf+SK

  • Close HK, back+MP, HP, qcf+K

  • Close HK, MK, qcf+K

With the launcher ones, the back+MP, HP one sometimes knocks down on certain characters, it’s character and timing specific. You want it to reset them into the air, not knock them down, obviously. Generally speaking there are certain characters that you’ll always reset like Yun/Yang, and some you’ll never reset… If you’re not sure, just use MK.

Although I’d also like to point out this one:

  • Close HK, SJ diagonally, late j.HP, j.toward+MK, regular dash or qcf+K

The air target combo works on everyone except Alex, Chun, and Elena. I like this one a lot because of the damage and stun, and if you do a normal dash you will usually end up right behind right before they land. Sometimes if you time it late you will end up in front of them, and if you command dash you will end up in front of them.

So, with the launchers into reset, it’s common to try and walk forward or backward after the command dash, then do a meaty from either the left or right side of the opponent to try and get them to block the wrong way. You can try hitting with a low meaty (like c.LK, hcb+P), or a mid meaty (like another close HK or a MK, hcb+P), or something unparryable like hcb+P or a throw. Or pretty much just do whatever.

With the blocked (or hit) normals like MK, qcf+SK, it’s just like LakeEarth said, you can immediately throw, you can jump and do and immediate SA.1, you can try one of her target combos, or c.LK or hcb+P or whatever.

Something interesting to note about LP, MP, HP, qcf+SK is that when it hits, and you throw with just-frame timing (like, immediately) then the throw will fail. I find that kind of interesting because they aren’t still in hit-stun. But it’s not like it matters, the timing has to be totally perfect for the throw to fail. But the point of bringing it up was an example of throw invulnerability despite not being in hit or block stun.

Oh ok…on that note…what is her flippy move called that nobody uses? :lol:

Tsuiji Goe.


And I use it on occasion. I don’t use it off a blocked normal though.

Does anyone really fall for using Ibuki’s command dash instead of her cross up dash in a mix-up game?

The best time for mixing up left/right is off a reset (knocked them out of the air). So the point is kind of moot since both her regular dash and command dash can cross up and airborn opponent.

General rule of thumb, don’t use the command dash out in the open, just cancel into it from a confirmed hit or blocked normal.

What I find useful, at least on XBL, is using her dash when the opponent is about to wake up to cross them up. As long as you hit them right away it usually catches people off guard

But then again, it’s XBL

That’s still useful in real-time play, offline. But only when used very sparingly.

And in that exact scenario using Kasumi Gake instead of a regular dash isn’t going to be very useful, unless your opponent is cornered and you have enough time to fully recover from the Kasumi Gake before your opponent gets up.

All right, thanks for the info