How do you think Kat will be? I hope she’s fun to play as and a decent character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well certainly me too. I feel like while many characters have great aerial mobility (Jak, for instance), we do not yet have a floaty character who generates their offense from the air so I imagine that Kat will cover that dimension. Considering I play Wario and other floaty people in Brawl I am really looking forward to Kat and I’ll definitely make her my main for some time.

Kat is out today and I’m trying to figure stuff out with her. She’s incredibly fun with the amount of mobility options she has to change her attack angles; however, the start up on her a lot of her moves are pretty slow and if blocked/dodged leave her susceptible to punishment. She has some very unique combos and once people get use to her attack options and strings we’ll probably see some crazy combos with her.

I can’t really find a good way to combo into her level 1 other than jump forward+Circle then change the arc to diagonal down and the opponent has to be in the corner. What happens is that when you hit them diagonal down they end up in a spinning float state allowing you to combo into her level 1. If you do this outside of the corner they get blown across the screen. I haven’t done extensive testing with this yet so I don’t know the variables/escapes/inconsistencies this has. I’m sure there’s some sort of meaty setup you can do with this super after a down throw but not sure of the spacing or timing yet. It also can’t be activated in the air (none of her supers can).

Her level 2 is a field clearer but it’s slow and puts her at the top of the screen. You basically get to fire 2 volleys of spikes at the ground but both volleys are slow but you can control the spikes after they’ve been launched. You cannot activate this super raw and hope to get kills because it puts her at the top of the screen, which makes it easy to spot and dodge. In a FFA or 2v2 it has some applications but in a 1v1 it seems difficult to land outside of tech trap setups. However, I really hate to blow a level 2 for a single kill when characters like Raiden/Ratchet/etc… can potentially score 2 kills with theirs.

Her level 3 is looking to be her best super. As seen in the videos she basically merges with the cat and can move around freely with her attacks getting some serious hit box extensions. Square is a quick slash forward but you can mash it to get a berserker barrage type effect and you can control the direction she slashes freely and it’s fast so I think you can catch rollers with this. Triangle is a quick pounce but if the opponent has a cool head they should be able to avoid it with a well timed dodge. Circle is either her best or 2nd best option in this form (Square looks pretty strong if it can hit rollers on their recovery with the quick direction changes) where she basically creates a giant sphere of hit boxes. In FFA or 2v2 this is the go to move and will easily net a lot of kills but once people disperse it’s going to be rough to chase them down but luckily she can fly in this form.

Neutral Square - Three hit ground string with the 3rd hit launching the opponent into the air. You can juggle off of it using down+circle to suck them back in and continue the combo but if you want an air combo the timing on the jump is really tight.

Left/Right Square - She does a lounging kick and on hit it knocks the opponent to the other side of the screen. In the corner you can follow up with an air combo but the spacing is awkward, as she can end up phasing through the opponent on hit and thus screwing things up. The safer option is to follow up with an Up+Triangle for a hard knockdown.

Down Square - She does a spinning kick that slams down (it looks a lot like Raidens j2Triangle) and it cause a lot of hit stun that you can combo off of it. Unfortunately, she can’t combo directly into her level 1 after this but it might be possible to combo into the level 1 with some sort of subsequent combo (not sure though). It’s kind of slow on start up and is very one dimensional so it looks easy to hit her out of it, block/dodge and punish.

Up Square - She does a back flip kick (similar to Raidens Up Triangle) and knocks the opponent into the air (higher than Square x3). You can actually chain into it from her neutral square combo. In the corner the whole thing will combo but from midscreen the flip kick will whiff after the third square but luckily you can do square, square, up square and combo into it that way. Whether this is better or not I have no idea, it’ll depend on what combos are formed later on. Furthermore, if you hold square you’ll actually automatically pursue the opponent like a super jump cancel. You can follow up with a combo in this manner.

Jump Neutral Square - She does a lounging knee and if you press square again she’ll kick the opponent which knocks them away. You can cancel the 2nd kick into Up Square but it’ll whiff midscreen and combo in the corner depending on height.

Jump Up Square - The same back flip but you can’t pursue the opponent by holding square down. It’s basically a combo ender to get positioning for set ups.

Jump Down Square - It’s the same as the grounded version but she’ll fall straight down with the kick. If it hits in the air it causes a temporary spin state but the opponent can recover quickly from this. If it hits on a grounded opponent it causes the staggered hit stun that the grounded version does. Its still slow on start up so it’s not combo friendly. However, if you combo into this in the corner you can go into a level 2 and position yourself outside of your opponents tech recovery and nail them as they are falling.

Jump Forward Square - Similar attack to the grounded version except it travels farther and goes at a diagonal down arc. It also doesn’t cause the opponent to get knocked away but causes minimal hit stun. It has a habit of phasing through opponents on hit so it’s hard to combo from it.

Neutral Triangle - She does a quick lounging kick in an up forwards arc. It causes the opponent to follow the hit trajectory and you can cancel into anything after the move so there’s some slight combo capabilities from it. So far, I’ve only found another tech trap option by doing this into air up square into level 2 and catch their tech recovery.

Left/Right Triangle - A lounging kick forwards that causes a backwards stagger knockdown on hit but the recovery is really bad and you can’t cancel into anything from it so you can’t combo after wards. In a 2v2 your partner can combo into a super after wards. On block it’s super punishable.

Up Triangle - She goes vertically straight up and it’s kind of like a command grab or maybe a hit grab (kind of like Ibuki). It causes a hard knockdown on hit and it might be a good anti-air. There’s a few ways to combo into this but nothing really great from what I found so far.

Down Triangle - This is one of her most unique attacks in the game. She starts sliding quickly on the ground and if you don’t press anything she’ll phase through opponents before coming to her stop animation. You can cancel the slide into Square, Triangle, X, or Circle at any time. Square causes her to a double lounging kick, which cause a lot of hit stun (still can’t combo into level 1 after wards :frowning: ) but you can combo after wards. Triangle will do a double knee slide that will cause the opponent to spin in place briefly allowing you to combo after wards. Circle will cause her to do her stop animation and then you cancel that animation into anything after wards. If you have her neutral circle projectiles out you can cover yourself using the projectiles and combo/apply pressure after. X will cause her to do a spinning jump in an arc before landing. You can cancel this into anything and the most interesting thing I found so far is with her circle projectiles out is to throw a projectile then tri-jump in.

Neutral Circle - Summons 3 projectiles ala Oro style where pressing neutral circle again launches one of them. It’s a great combo starter, combo extender, approach tool, etc… It does everything you need and it feels like you need this out at all times but the only problem is that it’s slow on start up during the summon. I like to jump throw a projectile then tri-jump in for pressure tick throw.

I got to bounce so I can go over everything but I’ll post more impressions later.

Here’s some tech I found with her earlier today.


double post…

After trying her gameplay out, she is definitely someone I want to main. That said, I can already tell a lot of time has to be put into learning her. First foremost was the lack of double jump and how I have to relearn some stages in order to fall past platforms when using the forward+Circle move.

So far I’m just doing trials until I get more comfortable with her. By the by, at first impression the “Avoid Level 2 Super” trial was absolute maddening (all three of them) but it’s not so bad once you figure out some of the Lv.2 super’s properties.

Kat is braindead easy to play, guy.

After playing both dlc charqctets and watching Kat combo vids (persona did one with over/about 20 combos, including into lvls 1 and 2 supers) I can say that I’m very sure Kat’s one of the best characters in the game .