Katawa Shoujo

Wondering if anyone else played this. Only read two other VN novels ever (Fate/Stay Night & Tsukihime) and while they were pretty good I wasn’t that impressed. So with all the hype for Katawa Shoujo I decided to give it a shot and it definitely impresses me.

The game is free and is most definitely more a good light hearted coming of age story then anything else. There are adult scenes and they can be disabled though a few are worth reading for the laughs, imo. If your looking for some perverted sex story about some guy with a fetish for stumped limbs or something this definitely isn’t for you.

Download Link

Recommend anyone with a free night to give into this guilty pleasure and let it surprise you.

I have been playing it. It is pretty good, some aspects of it are top of the line so far in the VN genre (like it has some actual animation scenes). I wouldn’t say it is on the same level story wise as Clannad and Fate Stay Night, but it is pretty good. As Sephiroth73003 has stated it is free which I got to say is rather awesome of the creators.

I have played dozens of VN games over the years and this is one of the better ones for sure.

That’s the game were you rape crippled children right?

Sounds like a real winner if you ask me. Thanks for the link to child pornograpy Imma be right back after I make this one phone call.

I have played 3 VN’s: Yume Miru something or other, Saya no Uta, and now Katawa Shoujo (haven’t finished it yet though)
This one is definitely in my top 3

This is pretty damn good so far. I recommend doing Shizune’s route first though. I did Hanako’s route first and I feel like I spoiled the whole thing for myself (in a bad way). Should have done that one last, as I had originally intended to.

Yeah the whole team that did it in general seems to be pretty chill about the whole monetary aspect. They don’t even want donations, despite a lot of people offering them.

Nah, if I hadn’t read several reviews from major sites then I would have thought that myself. When a VN makes a bump in news there is a reason for it. Just disable the adult content so the H-scenes don’t occur as most of the scenes are token to be fair. I had them enabled and there was only one or two out of all of them that probably added something to the story. It really is more a coming of age story then anything else, kinda like a Miyazaki feel except for Rin’s arc which wasn’t as light heart. Whole reason I posted it was hoping a few more people would try it out as it sure surprised the hell out of me, went in for a cheap laugh and stayed for the story.

Shizune’s is most definitely the worst route (was my first) so honestly skipping it wouldn’t be that bad. However, Hanako’s and Lilly’s are pretty amazing.

So is this the full version? I ended up playing the demo, after randomly seeing it on /v/, and it was pretty entertaining. I don’t really know anything about visual novels, but I enjoyed it, seemed alright for what it was.

Ya full version is the top set of links. I used the torrent link and it worked fine.

Yeah this is the full version. 6 routes I think. Each route has a good end and bad end most likely (standard VN stuff). Act 1 is basically the “pick your character route” and the remaining 3 acts are about establishing the relationship with that character so there’s a quite a bit of content. Each route is a few hours long (I think like 4-5?).

Yeah so far I think the only one that has had any meaningful H-scenes was Hanako. Gonna start Emi’s route now.

I did Emi’s route first, I thought it was cute. Then I did Rin’s


I got the bad ends first, they left me miserable. And then her good end wasn’t even that ‘good’, more of a melancholy I suppose. Certainly not enough to wash away the horrible feeling from before. Are the other characters as bad? I can only handle so much depression over a short period of time.

I’d agree Fate was better if you consider the Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel routes, but having to go through the Fate route first was so mind numblingly bad/annoying it required insistence by several friends to persevere through it. However, the stories are pretty apples and oranges so a direct comparison is a bit off. Fate was a cool action story but as a love story it was flat and only in Unlimited Blade Works does Emiya really grow significantly. This story actually captured a bit of the uncertainty of heading out of highschool and hisao often had realizations that I think everyone does at that age adding a very heartwarming tone to the whole thing.

Honestly, except for Rin’s route Hisao’s progression was one of the better parts of each story.
Example of something I liked about Hisao in Lilly’s arc


Lilly’s story is almost more about Hisao then Lilly and while I was angry at the good ending for being a bit cheesy the emotional reaction Hisao had in it reminded me of a lot of people that are just starting to go through a rough breakup so I could forgive it based on the aspects that were relatable. Half expected him to breakdown crying but he held that back like a boss. First shit like that is rough. Still whole running after plane thing was cheesy as shit.

Nah, Rin’s is the least happy of all of them. All the others range from mildly happy to overly happy.


sounds like your progression was similar to mine. I forced myself to redo it to find the good end after getting the bad end, but I thought the good end was fairly happy but the leadup to all but the final scene was pretty depressing. Rin reminds me a lot of the last girl I dated, but I blame Hisao being a dipshit for why the story got so depressing. Whole thing started sliding into a deep depression after they had their first argument where he could have handled everything much better. All he had to do was shutup and say something “Like I’m not going any where. You can take as long as you want to find the words your looking for”. Hisao is probably the biggest dick in this arc of all of them, do Hanako or Lilly if your looking for happy. They have some drama but at the end it’s hard to think anything but good thoughts about them.

Oh so I just have to DISABLE the porn scenes in the link you gave me at the top?!?!

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Come on GeneralID, you’re being too obvious now lol.

There’s no raping, and all the girls are 17-18. The sex scenes are… vanilla as fuck. Pixar movies have more sexual innuendo than this shit lol.

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^ You know. At one point when you joined, I found your cheeky responses… cute, yeah that’s a good word to describe it… I think, but now you’re just trying too hard, trying to impress somebody?

Anyway, I’m not big on VNs, especially those with sex scenes in it (I guess that’s what the adult filter is for, on that note, does the PC version of Fate/stay night have one too?), but I read the concept of this and it sounds interesting.

EDIT: WINBACK, is that you? :rofl:

Yeah, GeneralID is trying way too hard now. It’s sad really.

I think there might be a censoring patch, considering that the PS2 version of the game is censored.

This is exactly what they said to do with the money people wanted to donate to them for making the game…

I really like the story of the game. I didn’t really know what to expect from the first ten minutes of the game, but then I found myself completely engrossed in the story about an hour later. I get all the good endings, and I thought the entire thing was great.

Lilly and Hanako were my favorites. :V

I’m enjoying this game very much. I already done the Hanako and Lilly routes. I kinda wish I haven’t done Hanako first since she’s the character I was most interested in.