Katsuhiro Harada ~ Interested in Namco Vs game?


He said this last month:


And today he says this:


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I wouldn’t mind seeing VF in the mix. It would help SEGA at this point.


TTT2 for fuck’s sake already


Why do I have a feeling it’s Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter? :slight_smile: Hopefully it’s not Death by Degrees 2 of course…

(Though, TTT2 would be superior.)


Namco vs Bandai or TTT2.

I don’t want to see Tekken vs VF. The mechanics would be terrible.

It’s either TTT2 or Namco vs Bandai. I want to play as Gundam, team up with Naruto, and battle King Katamari and Kuma. With 4p co-op.


As mentioned in an older thread, Tekken vs VF is gonna be hard to achieve, unless they mix up both elements from each series. Would be pretty interesting if it happened, either way.

Except Bandai only owns the licenses for Gundam and Naruto in video games only. They’d have to hook up with Sunrise and Shounen Jump before doing so (Jump vs Namco or Gundam vs Namco or whichever)


see, my only problem is i dont know jack shit about virtua fighter enough to compliment on it other than, yes i wanna see something like tekken vs vf. i like tekkens look and feel over vf’s, although vf5 is beautiful. i just dont think they could properly do it. i mean, if they could pull of a vs 3d game, and make it work good, then what the fuck have the other companies been doing making okay games, and sometimes just broken shit, because i know something like tekken vs vf would be hard as fuck to do, and please people.

maybe if they took something like tekken, and then grabbed some random 3d fighter from like the 90’s and brought it back, then i could see it done, because there would be no huge fan base to rant and scream over the game play and design. no anime shit. i want basically tk6br, but vs other people. but really, i dont know, i mean, they would have to get super creative and come out the wood works with some wild shit for this. i feel vf cats would most likely not play something like tekken vs vf, but tekken heads would. i dont know, it just doesnt seem plausible the more i type. it sounds like nonsense. lol! maybe if your talking rival schools vs toshiden and that tobal game, or like rival schools vs that final fantasy fighting game from waaaaaay back. something like that, but i dont know.

i just read my post. lol, it was a full all over the place contradictory ramble. yeah!


How about Tekken vs SC.

Or why limit it to other 3D fighters, there’s no reason it couldn’t be Capcom vs Namco. SNK or Arc vs Namco seems a bit of a stretch though, somehow.


Sorta happened with Heihachi showing up in SCII on the PS2 - he turned out to be pretty broke, apparently, unless I’m wrong bout that.


That still doesn’t sound so far fetched. It’s not like Bandai haven’t been selling bucketloads for Gundam and Naruto.

Also, don’t they hold the Dragonball franchise?

Vegeta vs Kazuya: Believe it!

Could you imagine how many copies that would sell? All the Naruto/Dragonball fanboys would pick it up, Tekken people would pick it up, Gundam fans would pick it up… even people who just want to see SSJ Goku Kamehameha Gundam would pick it up.

(SNK vs Namco could be do-able too, with nerfed fireballs though.)


What I posted:

"I think Tekken VS Virtua Fighter HAS to happen, in the same way that Capcom VS SNK HAD to happen.

Not only is it exciting to see how the characters from rival franchises would interact with each other after all these years, it’s sort of like a sign of mutual respect between the two premiere 3D fighting game franchises.

It would be very intriguing to see it happen!

Of course, there are lots of other possible crossovers that could happen, too. We already had Namco X Capcom…why not take it further with a fighting game? Capcom could do the 2D version, while Namco could do the 3D version (just like how Capcom and SNK each didtheir own Capcom VS SNK games).

And, what about a giant Namco Megamix Fighting game with characters from all over the Namco Universe? Tekken, Soul Calibur, Pacman, Ridge Racer, Rolling Thunder (yeah, Albatros and Leila), Xenosaga.

I see lots of fun possibilities."

Everyone should get over there and say something.


I don’t think Sega can afford to make their version of a vs game. :wonder:

Lars vs Jacky would be fun as hell though. ub+k vs uf+3.

Namco megamix would be brilliant too. Don’t forget that old fighting game they did for the SNES, Weaponlord.


Tekken vs VF

The game features no Tekken characters and game play mechanics. In fact, it is a console release of VF5R with the Tekken announcer.



Don’t forget the cool lighting effects and special effects after ppl get punched


I don’t really like VF so I wouldn’t like to see that mix, the mechanics wouldn’t compliment each other IMO. What they REALLY need to make is Tekken vs Bloody Roar. It can’t fail.com


Tekken vs Primal Rage would be nice. or Tekken vs Katamari


What an unforgivable omission on my part. Weaponlord was awesome for Genesis and SNES.

Korr vs Mitsurugi.

Bane vs Rock.

Jen-Tai vs Sophitia.

Screw Tekken. Let’s see Weaponlord VS Soul Calibur already.


meh could work if they put both sets of charactesr in a completely new system. But that would probably require too much effort unless…

they had two versions of the game one made by sega and one by namco so you end up with

Tekken vs VF: Plays like tekken
VF vs Tekken: Plays like VF








shit. if not then tekken vs vf or whatever. how about a fighter’s megamix of sorts…namco vs. sega? i’d rather see ttt2 or tekken vs vf, tho. not into knuckles vs. pacman and shit.


I definitely would like to see Sega and Namco go at it. I dont how they could make it work, but I really dont care. Thats for them to think about and for me to play it. A mix of Fighters Megamix and TTT style would be freaking epic.