Kauai CVS2 tournament

May 17 2005 kapaa fun factory kauai see my myspace blog for rules and details www.myspace.com/uniquecat
if you want to sign up message me sign ups end monday may 16 :karate:

Sign me up and put my name on that list. Ill be there.

how much is entry fee ? Whats the prize breakdown? How many expected to enter?

And did u take pics from the last tournament?

the entry fee is $5.00. i took some pics of the people that dressed up(fags), the prize is 1st takes all the money 2nd gets jack shit. the rules are you choose three characters, you pick the ratios and grooves anything goes, use dirty tactics roll cancel JDs parrys. we hooked a camera to the arcade box so we got matches on video. i will put you on the list if you win, you just bought yourplane ticket. hope to see you there.

all i want is for everyone to bring there A game
tournament 1 winner rayzan
tournament 2 winner (me) ben
tournament 3 winners team battles Roldon and kodoku
tournament 4 winner (me) ben
tournament 5 winner (me) ben

I take it the two character glitch is allowed then? If so, I guess we’ll be playing against two sagats.

if you can do it on the arcade sure why not

ATTN: All kaui CVS2 players. Im laying out an open to challenge to anyone that wants to accept. Open invitation to anyone that wants to play CVS2 for $.

1 GAME = $10

Best of 7 = $50

Race to 10 $100

If anyone thinks there up to par please let me know. I don’t discriminate and will play anyone.

PE and I mastered the glitch!! I’ll get you two cammy’s and a sagat hryan!

psx email me…

Who, PM me your email addy. I cant find it in my outlook box.


whos gonna sign up? use that two person glitch i dont give a shit we just want new people to join.

oh shit you guys have no clue what you’re up against.

its all fun but lets see it

how about if you win that next tourney use that money to fly here and get smoked by team blunt?

Anyone wanna do sidebets with me? I’m putting money on PSX… CVS2 sensei plays too fierce.

the next time i go to oahu, ill check you guys out and we can party drink whatever but gotta play cvs2 with yall. but till then ill practice for kauai’s tourney. psx i signed you up already if you cant make it let me know by monday may 16. i am looking foward to the challenge man, mad respect for yall. psx, if you end up coming, im looking forward to facing a cvs2 master.

Hello all! If tourney is real then here’s more info…
Kauai Sands Seaside Hotel… Real ghetto spot is holding out some great deals. Check them out online… They have car and room packages. If anyone wants to bunk with us (Hawaiian Ryan and I) let us know ASAP to save on money. It cheap like $80 a night for a room and $100 for the special (car and room) If you stay longer it’s cheaper. Let me know if plan on staying longer, we just may stay longer also. PSX, call HR and let him know what’s up! Bye!

Wow just saw this msg now. I was trying to pm Hawaiian but srk was doing cleaning and it was down for me at night. Ill call Hawaiianryan at work today and see whats up. Thanks for the info.

alright guys! come down may 17th

hawaiian check your pms…