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hey yall all the kauai dudes or oahu guys have any questions comments you can post it here.

any tips on playing with sagat? combos, good zoning tactics best poke just post whats the best way to use him.

matt or anyone just post anything you think would help me


so kauai ddudes post anything you want like bens a dick or some bullshit like that

bens a dick

. . . when did you become a Kaua`i dude?

Good pokes that will cover most situations you will encounter:

[]down fp for most situations
]down mk (e.g. against Bison - random down mk->lvl 2 works wonders against normal people)
[]standing short - stuffs out a lot of attacks, e.g. most of Blanka’s pokes, forcing him to jump at you where you immediately DP.
]standing mk for really long range zoning

The key is to get familiar with all of those 4 pokes and while you’re at it, get familiar with the rest of the buttons too. They all have their uses. Do NOT just whore one poke or else a good player will take you apart easily.

A general tip on zoning and poking is to practice staying on the ground as much as possible. A lot of people make the mistake thinking that jumping is the only way to get in to an opponent. Just remember that when you jump, these things can happen to you:

[]You get hit by a DP
]You get hit by a super
[]You get hit by a custom combo
]You get hit by a regular anti-air move
[]You get parried
]You get JD’d

The trend here is that jumping forces you to be predictable in how you attack your opponent coming down. Very bad. You want to be unpredictable therefore you should stay on the ground where it’s harder to guess what the hell you’re going to do. Sure against P and K groove you could jump and do nothing, but do you really want to trust yourself and your opponent to a 50/50 situation? (answer is no.)

I could probably write paragraphs on each poke depending on specific matchups but basically stick with down fp when you want to deal damage (like saying STFU to your opponent), use down mk to force a footsies game (e.g. against Cammy or Bison for example), use standing short to stuff out slow moves (most of Blanka’s regular moves), and standing mk for long range options.

Combos a lot of people do:

]standing fp->tiger uppercut - the 2nd best way to punish whiffed moves like if you block somebody’s super and you want to save your own meter (or build some!).
[]low mk->lvl 2 (either fireball or low kick super) - mainly if you want to blow some meter and tell your opponent to not fuck up again.
]low short, standing jab, low mk->lvl 2 - typically done after a crossover jumping short. This combo allows you to confirm that moves are hitting so you can decide whether to combo in the lvl 2 or not. Variations include standing jab, standing jab, low mk, lvl 2 or low short, standing jab, low short, lvl 2 - practice the basic combo first then explore and practice the variations so you can drop a lvl 2 anytime you see a jab or low short hit. Keep in mind the standing jab will only link against large characters or standing characters. You could deliberately whiff the standing jab on a small character then throw immediately afterwards . . . hopefully you’re beginning to see the possibilities. If you really want to combo in that lvl 2 on small characters do the next combo . . .
[*]low short x 3->lvl 2 - timing is a bit difficult but if you can get it consistently more power to you.

The first 3 combos listed are solely for punishing whiffed moves; the last 2 combos are useful to do as block strings where there’s a possibility your opponent isn’t blocking correctly so you punish with a super at the end (and if he is blocking correctly you just don’t do the super).

Never, just felt like saying it since the thread was a little dead.

this thread is for oahu too. thanks ernestw i will apply it to my game

This man speaks the truth! :wow:

NP. You asked a good question (although phrased in a slightly newbie way with the implication that you can get away with just one “best” poke) so I felt compelled to answer. There’s more depth to the stuff I’ve written above but I’ll let you figure it out on your own. You have enough to practice as it is already.

Here’s a challenge for you - practice the low short, standing jab, low mk->lvl 2 super a lot. If you can hit it constantly and consistently in real matches, then that places you above a lot of Oahu players. I find it strange that people tease PSX about his combo-abilities when he's probably one out of three or four people currently on Oahu who can hit short x 3->lvl 2 with Akuma consistently when it really just takes 30 minutes of practice to nail such a combo.

ernestw:thanks man i’ll practice that combo today.
hey ryan glad to see you stop by the thread

LOL, all I gotta think about was his attempt at a combo video exhibition before his match with Ohayo. Good Stuff :tup: :rolleyes: Sup Bruce Lee :karate:

whats some good combos for cammy

Hey ryan, thanks for showin me cammy. Shes got great potential. Shes taken the place of haohmaru and I’m learning steadly. I’ll ask questions from time to time, but for the most part, I’ve learned that questions don’t really need to be asked. Practice is the best thing. As for cammy combos…

I like to stick to her pokes thus far. HK kicks ass, stops some air too. I play her similarly to Hibiki, poking games. Shes got a nice 50/50 trick up her sleeve. full screen then cannon spike twice.

A nice big damage combo is to jump in deep with HP, standing HP into Cannon Drill or if you have the meter, Spinning drive smasher. does about half life to an even match. Hard to cross up with her… I beleive it’s MK? But stick to the ground. She has some air priority, but shes best suited to the ground. But like Matt said, keep your game simple. Opponent does this, I do that. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

And ryan! Your siggy says that if it don’t fit, put spit right? Well, way I figure… if it doesn’t fit in there, put it ‘somewhere else’ :slight_smile: lmao

You will die doing that as well as anybody else who tries that. Practice not doing that immediately. 50 percent chance you’ll hit him and 50 percent chance he’ll block and kill you with a super? Not a good deal. Another big mistake many beginners make is to rely on tactics that “surprise” their opponents like this basing its success on his close circle of friends’ inability to react fast enough to said “surprise.” Do not rely on those kinds of things - there is always somebody out there who has good enough reaction time to punish you out of whatever “surprise” tactics you may come up with (this applies to good players too). Oh wait you already played against such a person - PSX.

Don’t jump with Cammy. Cammy’s jumps are slow and you can see them coming a mile away. People who are even reasonably good with DPs will shoot you down like a clay pigeon. See my point above about people jumping in. If you were talking about punishing a dizzied opponent, then jumping is okay but it’s best not to even consider it with Cammy.

Combos I do with Cammy:

[]low short x 3 -> cannon spike - hits all large opponents and standing small opponents. I typically do this after I’ve already knocked down my opponent with the first low short being meaty.
]low short x (2 or 3) -> lvl 2 - for the same reasons I listed in the Sagat post.
[]standing close fp, standing far rh
]standing close fp, standing far fp
[*]standing close fp, lvl 2 - this is a link. For some reason nobody in Hawaii does this considering it's stupid easy to do and it gives you enough time to hit-confirm. [*]standing far fp, lvl 3 - this is a link. For some reason nobody in Hawaii does this considering it’s even stupider easy to do and it gives you even more time to hit-confirm.

Any other combo anybody comes up with is purely fluff or for being fancy.

cannon spike twice tactic is an ok baiter but i wouldn’t rely on it. those kind of tactics work only once in a while. like you said KK 50/50 chance. 50/50 chance you hit it or 50/50 chance you will get eatin. standing jab crouching Medium into cannon drill is a combo. jumping hk standing fierce standing roundhouse is a good one but not very safe becauce jumping with cammy is kinda slow, thank god she has a air grab.

KK glad to see another kauai dude on this post

Well, I’m just saying the 50/50 is thrown out occasionaly, but understood, higher level players won’t fall for it if it’s thrown out from time to time I guess. Perhaps in a clutch situation, I dunno, but I guess I’ll deem it a hat trick that won’t always work.

And yea, I was talking about dizzy punish. Cammy is a ground charicter. We gotta versus one of these days ben. I upped my game with my team alot. Hibiki, Morrigan and Cammy. I was thinking of tossing hibiki, but I just have to train more and remember my zones.

I’m still trying to work out the kinks with hibiki and morrigan though. Just gotta practice more often. I got their game down to a science, but I keep forgetting mid battle lol. Nervous wreck. So did your team or grooves change ben? Mine is in my sig, till I master em.
Earl was trying out the 11 hit matt was showing to him. Crossup lk, lpx3, ©mk XX lv3 Tiger Cannon. 9k damage, good shit.

Combos I do… hmm… Right, I stick to basic pokes. My combo timing isn’t all that grand yet. I still need to figure out what combos to do that will maximize saftey and practicality. The triple ©lk into cannon drill is pretty safe. I should add that and practice up. I also didn’t know the HP comboed into HK. I’ve just been practicing entering my zones and hitting the right poke. Thanks though guys. Any hibiki info and even morrigan info would be apriciated (already read buk’s FAQ ^_^)

ill be there tomorrow. i need some practice

um my team is ______________? im not going to expose it hahaha. i got out of my K groove phase and just went back to my roots. no groove shows me the most love than C groove. i have a lot to learn still, hopefully one day i have enough knowlege and skill to be lebel as good. i have learned a lot when matt guys were here, now i have to apply it.