Kawaks macros and no sound in Hypercam (Vista)

Hey guys, so I heard that in Kawaks you can do some macros.

I’m not looking to use Kawaks AT ALL, I just want to learn how these really crazy combos (that are done using programmable pads/macros) are done.

I heard that you have to edit some “.ini files” but no one has even said where they are located, I checked my Kawaks folder and the only “.ini’s” there are are for SFA3, XMvSF and xmcota (which I’ve never heard of).

I have even read the faq for the macros in Kawaks and even there it says about the .ini’s, but not where they are! Bad faq!

Also, I have Hypercam 2 and I operate on Vista Home Premium. I have had some really good recordings of Hypercam but the other day when I loaded it up to capture some ST matches on GGPO the damn sound wouldn’t record!

This is new to me, as sound DID used to record on Hypercam and I can remember going through the steps to get it to work.

I have Stereo Mix selected in my “Recording” tab of sound (in Control Panel, sound). My Control Panel view is set to Classic. The volume of the Stereo Mix is set to max, Stereo Mix is my default device and ALL of the other things in the sound tab are set to disabled.

On top of that, “Record Sound” is checked in the “AVI File” and “Sound” tab of Hypercam.

When I play back my recordings I don’t get sound but I get like this sort of “noisy air” sound.

Please help! Thanks!

EDIT: I typed in my question about Kawaks macros.

friends dont let friends use macros:shake:

Lol, I’m only going to use them for combos on a blank Player 2 to see what I can do.

I would never play Kawaks online anyway, GGPO for me!

ok got scared there for a min

So can no one help me?

EDIT: I believe I’ve figured out how to do the macros…I just had to extract those ini zipes and I see “ssf2tu” and I guess I can edit my macros there!

Now I face another problem…I am now into editing the macros but I just can’t seem to get them to do what I am asking.

(These macros are for my attempt at doing Guile combos btw).

Macro1A=db~~~,3,df,d,db,u4 - Okay, this one actually does what I want it to! (St.hpxxSuper)
Macro1B=db~~~,u4 - This is supposed to be a flashkick but it does a knee bazooka…this one really gets me…
Macro1C=db~~~,4,f,db1,4,f,db1 - This is supposed to do st.lk, sonic boom, st.lk, sonic boom. But it cancels the freaking kick straight INTO a sonic boom.
Macro1D=db~~~,u - This was just a test to see if I could get it to charge down for 2 secs then jump, which I guess worked…

EDIT: Macro1C=db~~~,4,f,db1, now gives a st.lk into sonic boom, if only it would do it twice!