Kawaks vs Mame

I noticed that in the us, pratically everyone uses Mame32k 0.64 to play online. In europe, most people use Kawaks 0.54, so I was wondering, what are the differences between the two in terms of online playing (and in terms of playing in general) ?

Back when I used to play, Kawaks would desync a lot. I don’t think I ever had that problem with MAME, so I always preferred it over Kawaks.

Well in terms of playing in general FINAL BURN ALPHA XXX CRUSHES BOTH OF THESE…

someone that understands me!!! :clap:
IMO FBA is the best out of the 3 emulators… but since hardly anyone uses it online i’m forced to play in crappy winkawaks… ( word of advise, kawaks doesn’t accept 180 moves as well as FBA in a keyboard… not to mention 360s and 720s :tdown: )

honestly, i’ve been able to do anything i can
do on an arcade cabinet on kawaks. that cant
be said for mame.

there are two pretty consistant views among players;

  1. kawaks mame in terms of smoothness while online.
    ask anyone who doesnt have a biased opinion and they’ll
    tell you that kawaks runs better than mame does online,
    for most games.

  2. people have “issues” with keyboard inputs on kawaks.
    i’ve asked people which they thought was better, and 8
    out of 10 said they’d play with kawaks if they didnt have
    "issues" with keyboard inputs.

personally, i’ve never had issues with keyobard inputs.
granted i play on stick, my stick acts as a keyboard and
registers keystrokes (unlike gamepads and such). for ex.
if i were to go into a word processor and press buttons
on my joystick, they’d register keystrokes and type letters.

another thing that i dont like about mame.64 is that autofire
is widely used, though no one is gonna’ admit it. some players
i have asked (they’re clan members) said they use autofire/macro’s,
though i’m not gonna’ disclose who they are 'cause that’d be dick.

with kawaks, the general conception is that the only macro’s
that work online are the ones you can set through the button
setup interface (3p, 3k, etc).

but that all doesnt seem to matter since blind lead the blind
and if you want competition, instead of trying to expand the
kawaks population, you’ll just wanna play on mame.64.

***NOTE: i’m not talking about all kinds of different options
and whatnot, i’m talking about straight-up online play- not
single player, offline stuff. i’m talking playability online.

***EDIT: also, it’s not just euro that uses mostly kawaks,
most central american and asian servers run kawaks. for
whatever reason, US is the only country that uses mame.

I don’t know how much MAME and Kawaks has changed over the years… but Kawaks was better than MAME hands down about 3 years ago.

Kawaks has constant desync problems with Neo Geo games.
That’s part of the reason why everyone uses MAME.

And why does Europe use Kawaks 0.54? o_O
1.54 has been out for ages.

lol, i think that’s what he meant.

Yeah I meant 1.54, sorry ^^!

i can’t set that mame shit up as easily as i can with kawaks.

Not true, although it does seem to have a few problem games, Last blade series and one of the kofs in particular. Other than those I’ve played just about every neo geo game on kwaks flawlessly- breakers revenge, rise of the dragons, matrimelee, most of the kofs, waku waku, fighters history dyanamte, ninja masters, super dodgeball you name it. I’ve even successfuly played the “problem” games before.

But mame has its problem games as well that only kawaks can really play online (though theyre not popular games so nonoe cares)

I agree with whoever said that Kawaks has smoother online play. I’m not biased, I use both, and that has been my experience. and yes I have a good computer. Mame however has moer options avialable online, such as swtiching players which is just tite for getting arcade-style rotations going on. also, to be honest, i see people naming desyncs as a kawaks problem, but ive used both equally and honestly have to say ive exerpeinced more desyncs in mame.

I use both, usually Kawaks when playing a friend, but Mame when looking for a pickup game because thats the only emu youll find one on in a reasonable time (despite it beign an inferior emulator).

agreed. i use both but only
use both because i have to.

with friends, it’s all kawaks
but otherwise, i’m forced to
use mame.

The only Neo Geo games I’ve seen work well on Kawaks were Mark of the Wolves, Breaker’s Revenge, Waku Waku and Matrimelee.

Everything else desynced within the first 5 minutes.
All the Samurai Shodown games.
The Real Bout games.
KOF’s 98 and 2000 especially.
Both Last Blades.

Kawaks not working well with Last Blade 2, Samurai Shodown 2/4, and KOF 98 are rather large issues if you ask most SNK fans.
The main issue is that it’s just not reliable. Why use an emulator that has a history of desyncing on you when you can use another of similar quality instead?

This isn’t bias either. I’d love for these games to run well on kawaks, given its slightly better appearance/sound and smaller input lag, but that’s not the case.

And what problem games are these that don’t work well in MAME?
Kawaks is only a CPS1/CPS2/Neo Geo emulator, so I’d be very curious to know what roms you mean.

FBA is utter SHIT people. Get over it. It’s dead, old, and shitty.

MAME is more by the book emulation, Kawaks is more versatile, as far as net play, MAME32.64 is just what everyone got used to, desync isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be with Kawaks.

It depends on wat type of arcade gamer u are. If your only in to capcom and ne-geo’s arcade imput and u want a good kaillera experience u use kawaks! if you want almost every arcade game plus all capcom and Neo-geo’s input u go with MAME! I think MAME is the best choice here although I couldn’t really see myself using kaillera with mame!

Mame 0.61 > Mame 0.64 > Kawaks

Kawaks runs like SHIT on older computers.

mame 64 is better online but offline i take win kawaks

I use both, but I prefer Kawaks for neo-geo and cps1-2 games. Kawaks also for online with my friends.

well like i said ive tried all neo geo fighting games. and some non fighters too. and i do mean all, including most of the ones you listed as problem games. and this has NOT been my experience!

cause like ive said, ive actually gotten more desyncs on mame .64!!! So this point just doesnt apply to me. I’m not going to say if the lag is better, cause I’m not sure. But that has been my feeling as well. And also I’ve had people play on kawaks with me who usually play mame, and they say stuff like “WHOA, KAWAKS DOESNT LAG??” But once again i’m not going to say it like its a fact, because i honestly dfont know.

On mame .64, WW7, and another neo geo game. Cant remember what it was. WW7 because of graphics, the other game kept desyncing. I want to say it was one of the Art of Fightings, but there are too many damn neo geo games for me to remember for sure.

“(insert mame/kawaks) runs like shit on (insert old/new) computers!”

i think people just pick at random when they make statements like that.

throughout the years, the most consistant claim
has been that mame is best for newer, high spec
computers while kawaks is better for low-end computers.