Kawaks vs Mame

What are you talking about? Waku Waku and all 3 Art of Fighting games run fine on MAME 0.64.
Are you sure you don’t mean MAME 0.67? That one had desync issues, and was basically why everyone stuck with 0.64.

Or maybe people pick from personal experience?

EDIT: Kyokuji, nice, an Ontarian. What do you play on Kaillera?

Last Blade 2, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo mostly.
I have everything, but those are the only games I’m actually good enough to be competitive at.

I might dabble in Alpha 3, Vampire Saviour, or Samurai Shodown 2/4 on occasion, but I’m not really any good.

Well me and everyone i know gets garbled graphics with WW7 on .64… so must be some special settings or patch or something you need. It’s NOT just me, me and 7/7 ppl i know experience same problem

Are you sure you don’t have an outdated romset?
MAME updates its Neo Geo roms every few updates.