Kawaks Windows 2000 issues?

Hey there, I’ve been having this issue with my Kawaks loader on my PC running windows 2000. In order to play the newer ROMs on Kawaks, you need to change the settings under properties and set it for a win98/ME OS. Well, when I right-click on the icon and whatnot to change the properties, it gives me the standard windows 2000 properties as opposed to the special Kawaks one. What’s odd is that I’ve been able to do everything fine on my other PC with Windows XP, but I was wondering if Windows 2000 gives Kawaks issues. Thanks for your time and help.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but try MAME 0.64.
Get it here: http://www.darktemplarz.com/downloads.php

Thanks for the help… -_-

i remember using kawaks on win2000 but i don’t recall any problems whatsoever… never tried loader version though… but it shouldn’t give any problems…