does anyone use kawaks.it has every arcade streetfighter 2 on there plus the zero trilogy

Everyone uses Mame32k 0.64 instead.
Kawaks has desync issues with most neo geo games.
Mame can play all the games Kawaks can and more anyway.

I’ve had good games (seemingly better than most on MAME), and I’ve had bad ones. I only play SF, but it seems to be about the same either way. If I see someone using kawaks for a game I want to play, I will switch, but I generally peruse the servers w/ Mame and host w/ Mame.

That’s just me.

how do you download mame


it’s the bottom-most download

The only thing I use Kawaks for Is to play the console version of my Neo Geo Roms. Other than that I cant stand it online cause people who use Kawaks tend to dysinc for some reason.

Online MAME = lag central. :lol:

Weve discussed this man. I know, now go back to playin your 3rd Strike on Xbox live. :arazz: Me and Your bro both dont play unless a match is requested lol :annoy:

How do you get the 360controller’s DPAD to work with Kawaks. It only recognizes the analog.

Dude i’m not trying to get “fresh” with you or anything, but you know shit loads of people use kawaks on european servers i see you around kaillera all the time, why you needed to ask this, i have no clue, lol

But anyway as a ST player, kawaks all the way please, sure it emulates the game slightly too fast, but it doesn’t crash on a few stages like on mame and doesn’t desync nearly as much.