Kayane & Mad Catz - 20% Fightsticks Round 2 TE!

thanks! was looking for a new fight stick =)

Anyone know where I could get one of the TE’s that ships to Canada? Everybody is either out of stock, doesn’t ship here, or charges way too much (eBay).

Try to contact Lap Chi from Canada Cup.

He is selling sticks there:

Canada Cup Gaming - Arcade Sticks

yes, but will Canadians ever be able to get in on these sweet deals???

hmm im in France also (NW) and did not know much about the community here before i found this site, thanks.

Im looking for a 360 arcade stick for 100 euros max seems like they are out of stock at qfonic and i bet they put the price up when they get new stock.

Awesome deal.

I’m still hoping for a PS3 Chun Li stick promo though.

No love for Canadians :frowning:

Ordered mine today and it got shipped out the same day. Awesome! Now to mod it golgo 13 artwork, dual mod it, and give it new buttons and plexiglass when it arrives.

i 2nd that

I just want a bezel , it would also be nice to get a te for half the price, , I wish I did not live in canada

hey markman when are you guys getting more stock of tournament edition S sticks?

In for 1 thanks for the heads up. My first stick

Anyone know if there’s a coupon code for free ground shipping?

I don’t think we can combine codes for this… I could be completely wrong of course.

Can not combine codes, sorry.

It’s safe to say that Xbox360 R2 TE’s are gone for good right?

It makes me sad that they don’t ship to PR. ;~;

are you guys getting more TE-S? you guys are out in the store, or are you guys designing a new type of stick and leaving the S behind?

awesome! thanks!

i should so hit this up.