Kayo Police C.Viper cosplay

Can someone who is there do a photo to KayoPolice’s attire, please?
I was surprised how good he looked in it.

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16315867 1:03:15 some recorded footage

Kayo is going to get bodied though…hard.

Nice, thank you. I already had a screen of that. What I wanted was a high resolution photography of him, that’s why I asked people who were there. :smiley:
He’s so cute. :3

KayoPolice is a guy? O.o

He? lol…

Kayo is indeed a man.


dont ask how i ended up here.

Kayo 's pool on right now isnt it?
think Kayo’s wearing it right now.
didnt notice

Source? O.o

Yep, he already beasted 2 players.
Hope he gets in top8, coz I want to see what outfit will he wear tomorrow and Sunday.


New $RK amuses me.

lol wow, had me fooled

It saddens me. To each their own though I suppose.

I don’t care, I’d still hit it

We know. Lusting after Kayo is nothing new to this $RK.

I am officially mindfucked

I’d body MayoPolice IRL.

It would probably be the opposite (he bodying you). :smiley:

Fine either way. Just no Thunder Knuckles if you know what I mean.