Kayo Police C.Viper cosplay

no homo

This has nothing to do with kayo but… Did you guys see juicebox’s game earlier today when the ps button got pressed?

juicebox bodies some ryu
lands skyfall combo into stun
PAUSE mid skyfall
piss ass judges come and give ryu round
ryu is stunned
juicebox pissed loses the game
ryu player smirking the whole time

i raged and went outside
what happened

I was watching it from the stream but juice looked so salty that he had to give that round to that ryu, he could have won the round with one hit.
I don’t blame him, I probably would’ve raged soo hard.

Am I the only one who would do HER even do SHE was a guy???

Did Kayo make it out of pools?
And you can call her a her.

He won everything we saw him playing until now, so my guess would be yes.

Couldn’t find her here: http://www.gytnews.com/articles/live-coverage/evolution-2011-updates.html
But it could be behind with updates or something.

Kayo is in pool 73
Pool 73
w - buktooth
l - roogle

Looks as if she is done.

No idea who Roogle is, but whatever.

Roogle is a colorado player.

@ 4:26 some dude gets his pic taken with Kayo AND gets a hug. Which of you is salty? Show of hands.

I thought Kayo was a girl O_O



this guy

So does he.


that dude who played with fei almost kissed him.that was pretty funny lol

Kayo handing out hugs left and right to peeps at Evo. Lucky bastards.

Can’t tell if you’re saying it as a joke or not, but in all seriousness I think that’s WHY it is or isn’t alright to call Kayo “she”. I mean, you’re talking levels of psychology and sociology that may or may not be beyond many people and/or their personal/religious beliefs. In the same way being homosexual isn’t a choice, being a man or a woman isn’t one either, and isn’t necessarily reflected in what sex organs you’re born with. So, if Kayo truly believes he’s a woman, then he’s a she. If he considers himself to be a male but incredibly feminine in looks and actions, then he’s a he.