Kayo Police merchandise?


I have been searching for a couple days to see where I might find or purchase a large poster of Kayo Police. I’m in the US so I’ve been mostly just looking online. I really wanted to get one for myself and one for a buddy who is in love with her.

Yes, we both know.

I’m hoping someone who can read Japanese has had luck locating some merchandise from her modeling career or wherever. I’d love to support such an amazing person.


Kayo police is a guy.


damn OP is on like yomi layer 8


Waits for mark ass response from OP adamantly denying this fact

EDIT: lol nvrmind:bluu: this nigga gay…


Be baited ya’ll.


It’s a serious question hah. We’re sitting at work trying to find posters to buy online. My friend’s gay, I’m straight, in case anyone was wondering. Has anyone ever seen merchandise for sale, specifically posters and the like?


I suppose the book would do in a pinch, but we’d rather have larger high quality posters if they exist :slight_smile:


^ Nobody in GD is checking for Kayo Police brah…

Like this is the dead ass serious answer to your question…

EDIT: There are only a handful of Japanese speakers in SRK anyway…


this sounds like a beautiful friendship you two have

if you want a poster you will most likely need to make it yourself. there are services online that will do poster prints of art, you simply need to supply the artwork and the money

you will likely need to upscale and possibly redraw a lot of any image you use to avoid copyright problems


They would only need to worry about Copy Write issues if they tried to sell them. Just putting them up in the house or whatever would be no big deal.


Put it up in your living room, it’ll be a conversation starter.

Friends/Family: Oh that’s a pretty girl on that poste-


I didn’t say the convo would last long…


Shit, I might have to do that just for the laughs…


Hmm having my own printed is a good idea. I’m sure locating a high rez image won’t be hard. Also, hilarious Paper lol. That is totally something I would do to friends. Maybe not family… Thanks!


Guess who has 16MP RAW image files from EVO 2011 of Kayo that could be printed as posters.


the internet


*[SIZE=11px]哈哈哈. No. *[/SIZE]


do you want a Kayo Dildo?
or the panted fold back hand book that teaches you how to tuck you cock back and walk around like a chick?


So much fap material you’ve got there.


Let me guess, they cost $700 + a trip to Japan.


Ask your psychiatrist