Kaytrim's Kustoms Open for Business

Announcing the grand opening of Kaytrim’s Kustoms website. From our home page you will be able to access the new blog site or our web store. Currently there are no products in stock. However there will the first restock on Sunday March 22 at 12 noon central time. Once they are gone no additional orders will be accepted.

The web store is still under construction in some areas but security is in place. When products are stocked you will be able to order them. Payments are through PayPal. You will be able to pay with either your PayPal account or a credit card.

Please do not send emails asking for a full custom job as we are currently over booked with orders. There is no waiting list for regular stock or custom jobs. Current customers will soon be able to keep track of the progress on the site. In the future when a custom order slot is avaliable it will be sold in the store just like other products, first come first serve. Please keep in mind that custom jobs will take from 3 - 6 weeks normally. It is possible to take a few weeks more depending on the complexity of the job.

Template for the art can be found here. Please keep in mind that placement may be a few mm off in one direction or another though the relationship between the controls will be the same.

Thank you for your support,
Michael, Christian, Teresa & Spencer
Kaytrim’s Kustoms.


Yo, just as a hint: That animated image (on both the website as well as the post) is huge in terms of size and so it takes a while to load each frame… might want to either change it to a static image, shrinking the color space, etc.

3135.29 KB (3210541 bytes)

that’s 3MB!!

i am sure you can shrink that down to at least 10% of that


We are aware of the size issue on the banner. I have contacted the artist and hope to have it resolved soon.


Yeah… just running it through Photoshop shrinks the GIF down to 240kb :s

I hate to ask this, but what’ll be available tomorrow? Only the blank poplar cases, right?

Anyways, congratulations on the opening, and good luck! I’m considering a purchase after seeing some of your previous work.

Will all of tomorrows cases be the same shape? Will there be finished cases? Do these have a plexi bottom?

good luck! I am sure you will sell out quick.

hey Kaytrim good luck with this, another good addition to the awesome customs people here make…

will you be selling complete joysticks too? or just cases?

best of luck, kaytrim!

Well, like I always told Tim…get back to sanding!

You’re missing the y on your banner homeboy.

congrats Michael and Christian

wish you guys the best in your new venture

eagle eye

I’m just happy ppl out there gettin into making the stick market better and more competitive…do the damn thing

3+mb for a banner. Someone is really smart.

Much luck to you guys. You guys make some of the meanest sticks here

Best wishes and good luck :wgrin:

I’ve been admiring your sticks for a while now, you’ve got some very solid wood working skills! Can’t wait to see what you got up your sleeve. Best of luck to you!

09’ keep’n it real…

congrats man.

Dang… Kaytrim too good! You could really go huge with this since you’re so talented at this stuff, and since the stick market is kind of booming right now!!! Best of luck! Though you won’t need it =D