Kaytrim's Kustoms Stock Updates


Thought I would post a thread here to keep everyone up to date as to when new cases and other offerings are available in the shop.

Up for sale in the store are the following two cases. More details and pictures are available in the sale posts. Links to the sale posts are just above each picture below.

More offerings will be posted in the coming days.

Kaytrim’s Kustoms

Oak Case

Sapele Mahogany Case SOLD

Also still available is the Bubinga Artistic Series Joystick.


Custom Slots Open

I have 3 Custom Joystick slots open for orders. Follow this link for more information. Here are some examples of previous custom jobs I have finished.

Thank you for looking,
Kaytrim’s Kustoms


Dat wood finish bat is sick


I make those on a lathe with real wood. I am considering adding it to my product line.





I need a padouk ball :slight_smile:


Shoot me an email bj and we’ll discuss the details.

The Sapele Mahogany case has been sold and one of the custom slots have been taken by Nell.



Black Cherry

Another case has been added to the store.

Black Cherry Case SOLD

Kaytrim’s Kustoms


Black Cherry gone. :smile:

Please check PM’s Kaytrim.


Only One Custom slot left

Current case stock is just the Oak case. The Bubinga joystick is also still available. I’ll be adding a couple of blank cases to the store soon and there will be a few painted cases up for sale as soon as they are ready. [COLOR=Red]There is also only one custom joystick slot left open.[/COLOR]

A few other items for sale in the store are Joystick shaft drilling services. This is for joysticks you may own or a new joysticks. Light up on activation is available for an additional charge. This is for buttons and/or joysticks, please send an email for more information. Finally I can also make a custom wood top and dust cover for your joystick both ball and bat styles can be made. Send an email for more information.

Kaytrim’s Kustoms


hey man im emailing you right now. please get back to me when you can