Kaytrm's Kustoms Blank Cases


With my website shut down for the time being I need to sell some stock to pay the bills and get a redesign of the site done up right.

I have a stack of blank unfinished cases ready for you to customize to your liking. These are setup for a Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS series joystick, 6 - 30mm buttons for the top and 3 - 24mm buttons on the side. Screw in buttons work best in these. Each case comes with a predrilled MDF & plexiglas top, hardboard bottom, rubber feet and mounting screws for the joystick.

I have 8 with chamfered edges and 4 with rounded edges left.

Price is $60 each. There is room for an additional 2 - 30mm buttons on the top. This can be done for $10 more per case. I can also add a hole for a Neutrik USB connector for $15. I chisel out a square for the adapter to sit flush or slightly recessed into the side of the case.

[COLOR=YellowGreen]Shipping [/COLOR]is around $15 each anywhere in the continental US. International shipping is available but prices are steep at around $40 to Europe.

To purchase** or ask questions** please send me an email at kaytrimskustoms@gmail.com. These are first come, first serve by email not PM. PMs relating to this sale will not be answered. I need to be able to track these orders and PMs are only temporary. Payment options are PayPal and credit cards, through PayPal. Please include your shipping address for an accurate shipping quote. Also include your paypal account email address, if you have one. DO NOT send credit card information. I will send you a PayPal payment request with the proper shipping cost included.


What are the dimensions for your cases?


Each one is slightly different but they average 13" x 9" x 2 1/2" The art area is 11 1/2" b 7 1/2". I’ll take better measurements tonight. I may be off by 1/2" to 1".



I wasn’t too far off. The size of the cases are as I stated above but the art area is only 11" x 7". These cases fit in a standard USPS mailing box so shipping is per case purchased. This and other information will be added to the first post.

I have received a few PMs and as stated above please send any questions or purchases to my email. PMs relating to this sale will not be answered. I need to be able to track these orders and PMs are temporary.



oh god… why am i out of money now…

nice case kaytrim


I am down to 2 remaining rounded edge cases but still have 8 of the chamfered ones. Once I get my new website populated with sale items this thread will be closed. If you are still interested in purchasing one of these cases please send an email to kaytrimskustoms@gmail.com.

Thank you,