Kazunoko vs FenTamu vs Hsien



I selected these players for top Yuns right now imo.
What do you think who is best and why do like him?



good reads
solid footsies
doesn’t white wash his character like Hsien does

I’ve seen FenTamu make some really ridiculous reads in an overall match but his footsies don’t seem as good as Kazunoko’s


Just curious, what do you mean by this?


I haven’t heard of anyone else saying Yun has only one 6-4 match up and four match ups worse than 4-6.
Like…there is no doubt that Hsien is good, but he doesn’t exactly give an objective view of the character. I guess it doesn’t really have much to do with how good he is compared to Kazunoko, but I think Kazunoko is generally better as well based on results (haven’t watched that many of Hsien’s matches.)



Oh I see, Yeah I agree that he definitely is underestimating Yun for some match ups. I don’t see how Yun vs. Cody could ever be even.
But he is still a good player to watch for, I’m going to check out this FenTamu guy


Kazunoko and it’s not close. Kaz has eliminated a lot of weaknesses in his game like bad gambles and his jump timing with Yun is top notch. He puts people on notice every time he leaves the ground. The only people that beat Kaz consistently are Daigo and Fuudo, I think. It’s not unreasonable to consider him and his Yun as top five in Japan.

In America, there are no real Yuns, no offense to Hsien. We can’t put Yun on a tier list here because US Yuns are kinda fraudulent. Judging from Kazunoko’s extremely strong performance, I think Yun is in the lower half of top ten.



Kazunoko’s Yun is without a doubt top 5 in Japan. He’s epitome of what all Yuns should strive to be. His offensive reads as a Yun player is ridiculous - he cracks open people so easily and consistently. Hsien just kinda plays retarded but understands and knows how the game works so he gets by. Hsien’s playstyle makes it very viable for tournament play but in longer sets where true mastery and skills show, he’s got nothing on Kazunoko.

Kazunoko’s strongest suit has gotta be his dive kick spacings and jump ins. He doesn’t like to play too much footsys and will mix up with Yun’s pokes just enough so that it aids him for more opportunities to dive kick in, and once he’s in, most likely, he’ll open you up.


I think that Daigo could be possibly best Yun if he didnt switch back to Ryu. He was dominant in AE but now 2012 is different.


He’s still higher overall in the Japanese rankings because of his Yun, not his Ryu surprisingly.
Seriously, the spot he has in top 10 in jpn is because of his Yun. No doubt he could get it with his Ryu, but he has almost double the BP with his Yun.


Easily Kazunoko, Ryan hart, i also like Daigo using him.


for the vids i saw of hsien, i don’t understand how he can be that good :slight_smile:
too often he does mistakes by thinking the opponent won’t dare to SRK him.

I mean, common, everybody srk Yun, even 4000, 5000PP and more. Without meter, at least once, after a blocked divekick or during his pressure
(what’s funny is, there people, in France at least, are rage quitter when they see to much random SRKs in their face, saying that its bad)

what i mean is, he is not cautious enough. Kazunoko is a lot more cautious while staying aggressive, and traps those mashers




Kazunoko - without a doubt the best yun player in the world.
Fentamu - no idea who that is, so that tells you a lot already
Hsien - not happy about his “alternative” way of taking #1 yun in usa from me. But whatever, I don’t play on xbox anymore lol


No doubt Kazunoko is No.1.
No.2 …I think Daigo or Momochi or Kindevu.
Fentamu is about 10th in JPN Yun players.


that’s funny kazu is the one usually mashing on us :frowning:

and he will do it in situations that aren’t even 50/50s, he just dashes up and DOES it man!!


Kazunoko hands down.
I also enjoy Kaiser. Far from being the best but i like his style/resets he uses, He’s also incredibly nice and informative, he didn’t hesitate to point out what I could have done better in mirror matches i had against kazunoko.


Didn’t you switch to Cammy?


I still play a ton of Yun (as well as a ton of other characters). In particular, I use Yun over Cammy in certain matchups like Deejay, Gen, and El Fuerte (sometimes).


Rest doesnt matter…


Daigo still uses Yun outside of rare casuals?