Is this another wannabe Poongko?

You haven’t heard about Kazunoko?

In AE he was possibly the best player in the world (playing Yun). He won Canada Cup singles pretty handily and his team got 1st in the international 5v5. He was the top ranked Yun in arcades for a while and got sponsored by eLive Pro. He is switching to Seth because Yun got nerfed and it is generally thought that Seth will be top tier in 2012.

I’ve heard about him around here and EH, but not to that kind of notoriety. Seems hes cleaning house on the Japanese Online ladders. Good to know, Ill certainly be keeping up with him now. Every Seth I see I assume I automatically think POONGKO - I should get out of that mindset.

I wonder when we can see him come over to NA

Kazunoko is the Guily Gear player Inoue

Heh, don’t let the people from the TierList Thread read that…

lol at callin kazunoko a wannabe poongko…

That’s right, Kazunoko is no Poongko, not even close.

Their styles differ greatly.

Kazunoko while obviously influenced by some of Poongko’s techniques is overall a totally different style player who doesn’t seek to emulate Poongko.

Kazunoko is a much more defensive player who plays a lot more “reactionary” doing a lot more counter hit set ups and mid/long range gameplay.

Poongko is almost entirely offensive oriented. But I’d say he is better at shifting between offense and defense IF his offense isn’t working. Poongko makes his opponent fear hitting buttons by doing incredibly tight block strings with an offensive pressure that is unrelenting. His mixups and reactions are a bit better than Kazunoko’s. I’d say their reads are about equal, but Poongko is much more likely to take a chance that Kaz wouldn’t attempt due to the odds being unfavorable that his guess is correct.

My personal opinion is that they are equally skilled players but Poongko is a better Seth player (thanks in large part to having hundreds if not a thousand more hours as Seth than Kazunoko)

Does Drew Brees wannabe Tom Brady?

No, but they both play the same position well.

Tom who ?

Tom Brady the Mortal Kombat player. He used to be EMP.


Wannabe Poongko bwahahahahahahahaha

Kazunoko has a more calculated and smart style while Poongko is playing relentlessly with risk/reward. Only time and tournament results will tell which style is the best in 2012. My bet is on Kazunoko’s.

Kazunoko is just a wannabee Poongko, look his Seth also gets bodied by Fuudo!

Kazunoko is an absolute tier whore, but don’t let that take anything away from him, no one can honestly doubt that he’s one of the best players in the world right now.

A bunch of them actually seem to agree as it’s all they’re hearing from Japan at the moment