Kazuya 600+ Damage combo


I remember finding this combo day 1, still use it when I get the chances. great stuff.

Yeah, this is day 1 stuff.

yeah thats day one instead of going for the 2nd slaughterhook ur way better off cross arting it does a tad more dmg on top of cross are taking the grey health

really basic bnb but very useful. Kazuyas damage is RIDICULOUS

I can’t get over 600 damage with a Cross Art (Sagat/Kazuya), usually around 560ish but the negation of yellow health is worth the trade of 50 damage.

ah yah if u had a higher damaging cross art to go into u would get over 600 i do rolento so my combo is like 630? i know thats not right but its in that range

i’ve been doing this if i get the first hit (in round 2 or 3) and i know my damage gem with activate during it

I remember getting 716 as my highest combo somehow. Using a cross-art combo in the corner.

Or at the end of the combo in the video do Heavy kick Rising sun, and tag cancel your teammate in at the first hit of rising sun, then have them do a small combo into a super.

My personal best is 517, but I haven’t really tried too hard. Working on tightening my Mist Step input and developing some good BnBs for myself.