Kazuya BNB & Basics Thread _ updt: Currently working on a V.2013 Update

This <u><i><b>COMUNNITY</b></i></u> thread cover the basics, its a place to develop the core game play style for Kazuya; his goto BnBs, basic strats, special moves and special move aplication and properties.<br />
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In time it may be replaced with a more comprehensive thread. But, its a good place to start. I will update it as needed.<br />
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I will comfirm things as they are posted before they are added to main post.<br />
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What its not: a combo thread that will list every single combo, or combinatinon there of. I hate those.<br />
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Slaughter Hook: Causes a ground bounce. Ex version has additional air juggle property.

Slaughter High Kick: Performs a long-ish two hit combo, keeps the opponent grounded, great for starting extended ground tag combos.

Devastator: A strong ender in the corner, keeps the opponent pinned in the air against the corner for a moment, can be extended into tag combos. Works well with partners with ground bouncing attacks.

Ex versions: seem to have mid and low invulnerability. Confirmed.

Mist Step: is invulnerable high & mid.

**Dragon Uppercut (aka Thunder God Fist (TGF)): **The basic ender for many of your combo strings. It does 180 with both hits, 170 with the ground kick. It a good (not great) AA option if you are constant with the motion. It hits hard, and knocks down. However, its week against super close jump ins. Due the fact he steps forward, he will go under the attacker if not spaced right.

Rising Uppercut (aka Wind Good Fist (WGF)): has -1 frame of recovery on block. It can be super grabbed on reversal from blocking enemy. The attack is invulnerable to mid and high attacks.

EX Rising Uppercut (aka EX Wind Good Fist (EXWGF)): Has a A bigger hit box than the WGF with an extra juggle property. The attack is invulnerable to throws, mid, and high attacks. On hit the EX WGF changes the height and distance of the launch. It’s +1 on block and pushes Kazuya back a characters length. Enemies will fly higher in the air, but closer Kazuya. It allows for longer combos.

**Instant Rising Uppercut (Electirc Wind God Fist (EWGF))

This move is difficult to do. Your going to spend a lot of time mastering it, if you haven’t already.

The input is f,n,d, df + mp/hp.

You need to hit the punch button at exactly the same time you hit df.

The EWGF* shares many of the same properties as the EXWGF, with following exceptions:

EWGF compared to the EX WGF:

(+) Has a Higher Damage Output (100 damage points, see credits)

(+) Costs no meter

(+) Higher juggle potential

(-) Can not be done mid Mist-Step with out re-entering the command.

(-) Comes out 5 frames slower.

You’ll know if you’ve executed the EWGF properly with the following (5) ques:

  1. The red damage spark created when the enemy is hit is the same as the EX attack.

  2. There are extended electricity sparks that come out of his fist the width of his body as compared to the normal WGF.

  3. The enemy’s air has a different arc when air born.

  4. Electricity surrounding his body has more of a purple hue.

  5. Move sounds louder and augmented.

The EWGF can lead to some very damaging combos. Given the fact that the EWGF is so difficult to do. I don’t think it will be incorporated into BNB strategies for ‘most’ beginner to semi advanced players.

Until you can do the EWGF at will. You’re much better off going for simpler combos. Kazuya’s Non-EWGF BNBs still do a TON of life, and you will hit opponents more consistently.

Spinning Demon (aka Hell Sweep): Great option select attack from c.mk. Can be followed up with another Spinning Demon/ Spinning Demon Hook for a mod/ low mix up. Easly punished. Has a higher juggle potential than the TFG> middle/low kick can be added at the end of juggles for both hits where the TFG> middle/low kick will whiff on the last hit.

**EX Spinning Demon **is invulnerable low. Beats low hits clean.

Demon God Fist (DFG): Have one hit of armor high. Crumples on counter hit. As the hand closest to the enemy make a “Wax off” motion, he gets a parry. Can use it as an AA, if opposing player jumps in with a heavy attack. The attack gets blocked and they get hit. Confirmed.

EX DFG gets a full body parry. The window is very small. Confirmed.

Rising Sun. Can go over low projectiles. LK version very safe. HK version keeps enemys grounded for extended combos. EX can be followed up with a mid/low mix up. Ex version is invincible.

Devil Beam: one of strongest non throw supers in the game @ 330 damage. Can be added at the end of juggles to add a significant amount of damage.


As with all Tekken characters, there many ‘Tekken chains.’ These are the ones to know for basic mix-up game play.

Chains that hit low blocking opponents:

lp, mp, mk, lk (hits mid)

4+lk, lp, mk, lp (htis mid)

Chain that can be canceled:

lk,lp,mk (cancelable), this chain is real nice to keep pressure on. Cancel into EWGF to keep the rush down, or hell sweep > hell sweep / punch for another mid/ low mix up.


These combo-enders are the most applicable to most players. In many cases they are the most damaging and the easiest to apply for each situation. Base Damage added so you can gauge the risk reward for each combo. The many variations of EWGF combo’s were not added, if you can do more than one EWGF in a combo constantly, you can probably max them out anyway.


Mid screen:

BNB mid screen / non-tag / non-meter / Non-EWGF air juggle combo:

Whatever into> SH> CR. MP> CR. FP > TGF > mid kick. (340)

BNB / non-tag / (1) meter / Non-EWGF air juggle combo:

Whatever into SH > c.HP > EX.SH > c.HP > Spinning Demon Hook (423)


BNB corner/ non-tag / non-meter / Non-EWGF air juggle combo:

Whatever into SH > c.HP > GF > c.HP > Spinning Demon Hook (391)

BNB corner / non-tag / (1) meter / Non-EWGF air juggle combo:

Whatever into SH^ > c.HP > EX.SH > c.HP > Spinning Demon Hook (423)


Mid Screen

BNB / non-tag / non-meter / (1^) EWGF air juggle combo:

Whatever into SH^ > c.HP > EWGF > s.HP > spinning demon hook. (415)

(a) BNB / non-tag / non - meter / (4) EWGF air juggle combo:

Whatever into EWGF>>EWGF>S.MP>EWGF> S.HP>EWGF >EWGF (462)

(b) MAX BNB / non-tag / non-meter / ** (5) EWGF** air juggle combo:

Whatever into EWGF>EWGF>CR.HP>EWGF> S.HP>EWGF>EWGF (486)

Very Tight Links- Very HIgh Degree of difficulty - I personally believe the (a) BNB to be the most consistent/ most reliable/ ‘go-to’ version.


BNB corner/ non-tag / non-meter / ** (1^) EWGF** air juggle combo:

Whatever into SH^ > c.HP > EWGF > s.HP > spinning demon hook (415)

BNB corner/ non-tag / (1) meter / ** (1) EWGF** air juggle combo:

Whatever into EX. SH >c.HP> EWGF> s.HP > spinning demon hook (435)

BNB corner/ non-tag / non-meter / ** (5) EWGF** air juggle combo:


*** Thanks to DevilKnight for move corrections.


Here are some videos from various contributors.Check them out.

Here’s a beginners guide. I don’t agree with a few minor things, but very good none the less.


An awesome EWGF tutorial. Just awesome.


A vid showing the appliocation of a variety of Kazuya’s EWGF BnBs during live gameplay.


A Great vid showing the max damage Zazuya BnB.


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lp>mp is also a cancelable chain

so far, ive found kazuya bnb’s to be:

  1. anything into slaughter hook>cr.hp>ewgf>cr.hk

ex slaughter hook can add a second ground bounce

you really just have to understand the combo system of the game and youll pretty much be able to make bnbs with no problem. but if someone where to come up with a way to maximize damage after the crouching hp in the first combo i listed, that would be really useful because it would be a definite ender and a definite switch in combo.

links work to:

Is the Demon Punch… The Gut Punch in Tekken?

BTW his DP move from the Wave Dash is the TGF (Thunder godfist)

im sorry, i just read everone else calling it that, i didnt really look at the move names TBH. also, the dmon punch i believe is qcf(236)+p

You can add these either ,or works on standing or couching.
lp 4 times into sweep. works good with the confirm from the start off 112 where kazuya steps forward. But don’t go for two just go for sweep. It’s easy , and you can get free Oki.
In the corner no jump ins:
cr.mp, cr.mp xx slaughter hook, cr. fp xx EWGF, cr. fp, EWGF (Note that if you want to tag cancel do it after the secondcr. fp after the EWGF)

a more simple version of this is to use cr.mp if you feel you won’t land the cr.fp
Now if you do land a jump in do this J. Fk or Fp xx Cr.fp xx slaughter hook, cr. fp xx EWGF, cr. fp, EWGF

This is good when you’re in the corner or outside of it.
st. lp, mp, mk, fp,xx ex slaughter hook, cr.fp xx EWGF , Devastator it’s good for a corner carry combo( This could be the stand BnB everyone will use, it’s simple and easy, if you don’t wish to go EX hook you can go EWGF if you don’t have the meter, and go for another cr.Hp into Devastator but someone might need to check this up)
Counter B.HK dash Cr.fp xx slaughter hook, cr.fp, xx EWGF, cr. fp, EWGF

Hope I can get ya more combos as I return home soon.

Whats the correct input for his Mist step is it :f::qcf: or :dp:? I can’t seem to input consistently.

It’s :f:neutral:d::df:.

I kind of cheat and do this for combos:f:neutral:b::db::d::df:


Just like a DP motion after the first initial motion just do qcf to wavedash it’s that easy.

uploaded a few kaz BnB combos to my youtube page. nothing too special, but decent enough for Day 1 combos.


sorry for the video quality, i was only able to record them on my phone :frowning:

I’m having such a hard time doing the Mist Step thru the pad/analog. I always screw up on the Neutral since I try to execute it fast :frowning:

i find it harder to do on the stick, but i’ve been playing tekken on pad for a long time, just tap forward on the dpad move your thumb to dpad down and do a qcf

Tip on doing mist step is try doing a double quarter circle forward motion.

I find doing forward to back then HCF from there in one ultra fast motion real easy as well, as forward to back triggers the neutral state.

I’m stuck on Trial 20, timing the damn step into the 'Fist is tough.

what are some good combos when being tagged in? max dmg output…

You read my mind, I was just about to edit my post suggesting we have separators for ‘TI’ combos.

this is what i found so far:

NOTE: all combo’s performed on Hugo since I don’t know how dmg scaling works in sfxt yet. all cross assaults using Ryu as second character!


j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx HK.RS xx RTSK (332)
j.HK, s.HP xx MS xx RU, c.HP xx HP.Dev (405)
j.HK, s.HP xx MS xx RU, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP (408)
j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx DGF (409)
j.HK, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP (424)
j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP (430)


j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx DGF (476)
j.HK, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx DGF (484)


j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx EX.Dev (494)
j.HK, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx SUPER (551)


j.HK, c.MP, c.MP, c.MK xx MS xx RU, c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx SUPER
j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP CROSS ASSAULT (601)
j.HK, c.MP, c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx SUPER (585)

tag in follow ups: NOTE damage messured with ryu tag in: s.MP xx s.HP xx s.HP! opponent used: Hugo for max damage count (I don’t know if scaling works like SF4 where dmg went down once your opponent came below 50%)

c.MP, c.HP xx DGF (319)
c.MP, c.HP xx HP.Dev (339)
c.HP xx LP.SH, c.HP (325)
c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx EX.SH (381)
c.HP xx EX.SH, c.HP xx EX.Dev (409)

Tag in COMBOS (using Kazuya to tag in partner)

c.MP, c.MP, c.LK xx c.MK xx s.HP xx s.HP (236)

name definition:

SH: Slaughter House (qcb+LP)
Dev: Devestator (qcb+HP)
MS: Mist Step (F, N, D, DF, F)
RU: Rising Uppercut (during Mist Step: MP or HP)
DGF: Demon God Fist (qcf+P)
RS: Rising Sun (qcb+K)
RTSK: Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kick (during Rising Sun: K)