“Kazuya DDT” and how it can shut down Yun and Yang


Thought I would share this info with you fellow SRKers. Kazuya, master of the Kara Powerbomb has also invented the Kazuya DDT, a nifty little trick that makes DDT actually VERY practical in some match ups.

How it works is that since DDT is UNTHROWABLE once the move commences. You can kind of an “option select” involving DDT and Alex Headbutt / Standing Heavy Punch.

To initiate the Kazuya DDT, you must press the heavy punch and heavy kick buttons almost simultaneously. Heavy punch first, then heavy kick. These two buttons also happens to be the input for taunt. But if you quickly input a half-circle-back within 3 frames, Alex will either do the DDT (which beats the throw) or Standing Heavy Punch (which beats low guard, jumps and parries). This move is especially good on Yun and Yang.

This requires practice and TIMING. If you get a taunt coming out it might be because you are doing the half-circle-back too late.


So HP~HK then on 3 frames input 3 directions? Dem crazy japs man.