Kazuya/Jin's Dash HELP



I find it hard to fluently do the dash that kazuya and jin have.
I am talking about the : forward,neutral, qcf motion

I use a te stick and its quite difficult doing this repeatedly and in combos… can someone help please


Just buffer two QCF’s


I’ve tried that, its hard to do it fast, especially in tight combos


Just practice it the way it’s supposed to be if qcfx2 isn’t helping. The other option people use if f,hcf but that’s too long a motion for me. Anyway it’s not something you can get down easily. Here’s what I did for practice(w/Kazuya):
-standalone wave dashes
-LP>MP>Wave dash
-HP>Wave dash
-cr.HP>Wave dash
And if you do fwd,qcf that’s wrong. It’s f,N then df. You can cancel into dashes from attacks pretty late. This game allow you to cancel from attacks pretty late so it makes hit confirming easier. Don’t try to do it fast. You’re aiming to high. You’re not Poongko. Just do it slow at first to get used to it. It’s simply practice.


Hmm I see, do you know a motion where there is no pauses, the f,n,qcf, i sometimes mess up the neutral…


Do f,hcf (or 64123) until you get comfortable with the motion. Going past Neutral (5) to back (4) or downback (1) will facilitate any requirements needed for the motion. Practice f,hcf until you’re comfy with it and you’ll have it second nature pretty quickly.

I start with a smaller 6123 motion and then just do circles on 2345 for more wave dashes.


I’ve completed all of Kaz’s trials and have started labbing it up w/ him and so far for me this is what works…

if I do the dash raw: I do f, hcf and than for additional dashes you can go back and hcf but stop at the df. you can just mash em out after the wave dash
if I do the dash w/ cr. move: I will have the stick on df when I hit the move and than move to f and than d,df
if I do the dash w/ a standing move: I do the f at same time as I press the button and than hcf


I forgot what kazuya trial it was but it required three of the steps.

When trying to connect a mist step from one of the uppercuts or punches- as soon as you press that punch button you want to tap forward @ the sametime.

Don’t let the stick “spring” back to neutral, move it to neutral on your own. Honestly, it feels easier without the qcf, because you’re just dragging along the bottom of the stick if you’re using square gate.

The BEST way to practice this is with crouching fierce. (Kazuya) you want to hit forward by the time you press the button and be @ diagonal forward before you see the frames finish.



i just do it like im doing a shinkuu hadouken hit confirm for combos but i do f hcf for wave dashing i also do f hcf when im trying to get a EWGF but i only do that if im ahead because if i mess up the motion it sometimes doesn’t come out lol



I found it good to visualize the motion when learning to do his wavedash - this especially helped me figure out what I was doing wrong when it wouldn’t come out. Now I’ve got it down-pat :slight_smile: - this is for a square-gate stick, if you’re using octagonal, too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

you can do 1. (above) from a standing start, and 2. from a crouching start, both will produce wavedash.

When first learning I used cr.hp -> 2. , i found it helpful to finish the motion in the same place I started, helped me learn to do the mini-SPD like motion - it’s almost like doing the SPD on the lower-half of your stick.

I would advise against doing the fwd + hcf, it’s much slower, and it’s pretty important to get his wavedash out very quickly, especially for anti-airing with his dragon-uppercut (crushes all air attacks yeah!)

If you get 2. downpat, you should at least be able to do his BnB finishers cr.hp -> wavedash -> dp / cr.mk -> wavedash ->dp