Kazuya Mishima Art

Wanted to make an stick art thread for Kaz. I’m sure as the game progresses, some people will look to put Kaz on their fightsticks. I’ll start this off with something i’m working on. FYI I did the same thing in the Jin thread.

So i’m looking to put a little Jin and Kazuya on my VX-SA. There’s a lot of Jin Art out there… so i had trouble choosing what to put on there. I have like 15 images of just jin. This is crazy cause i wanted to do one with Makoto but art was tough to find. Now that i’m inundated with pictures, and I want to put all of them on the stick, i find myself having a hard time being selective enough. So I thought I’d ask for a little advice.

Here’s what I came up with so far… Used 2 normal HD pics of Jin and Kazuya, and then the two fully transformed in the background. The reason i used purple and red in the background is because of Kaz’s shirt and Jin’s gloves. I’ve got clear buttons and dustwasher so the pics in the background I’m also thinking of paining the very plain white stick a different color. I don’t want to go with a simple black, so i was looking at ideas there too… What do you think?

Looks great. I’ve been thinking about changing the art on my stick too.

I honestly don’t like art that is kinda of screwed by the buttons, but other than that it looks great.

Changed it up a little bit. What you think guys?


kazuya looks like he belongs in saints row 3… I always thought red/white/black was more his thing

Lmao that would be a nice expansion. I think he could fit in as a random dude you try to beat up and… oh no!