Kazuya Mishima infinite


[RIGHT]~video made by Kawasima9s[/RIGHT]

This just happened to me online, it looks to do too… someone told me its only for “wide” characters, but I’m not sure how true that is

i was complaining about this yesterday and everyone acted like i was an asshole lol…Online in ranked thats 80% of matchs ryu kaz teams…trying to get you in the corner to let it begin. it works on my juri and bison and pretty sure when i was juri xaioyu too…

I believe so too. I’m currently testing it out on every single characters

Looks so easy to do, just happened to me online.

Someone told me its only for “wide characters” not sure how true

Works on Vega. It works on characters with big hitboxes. Just run a gauntlet and go though each character. I think this infinite is awesome and no one should be complaining. It’s freaking hilarious actually.

its really stupid, and easy to do… its the only reason why it should be removed…

Because anyone can do it… no skill needed

I’m so glad I have a friend who plays grapplers. I can troll him and annoy him. possibly make him quit the game :rofl:

Ok so some facts for this:
[]Can be done anywhere on the screen.
]Can be started off any hit confirm, including a launch and cross cancel.
[]Cr.HP can be used in the restand part of combo, although cr.mp is more reliable.
]Builds roughly one meter with a couple of reps.
[*]Works on the following characters (easy to spot, last low hit of Spinning Demon will hit): Sagat, Zangief, Vega, Balrog, Hugo, Abel, Kuma, King, Marduk, Ogre.

I don’t think we could call this an infinite. Lets call it a 100 Hit Combo


Man this combo is way easier than I thought it would be. I’ve been consistently landing it online even.

so how exactly do you do it.
cr. mp. light slaughter hook. cr. fierce hk. rising sun?

You can start it off of any hit confirm, some examples:
Mid screen: LK-LP-MK>WGF-St.HP>HK Spinning Demon-Cr.MP/HP>LP Slaughter Hook
Cross cancel (Sagat on point): J.HK-Cr.MP>HP TU-CC into Kaz-Cr.HP>HK Spinning Demon etc.

You can even just do a simple double short into Slaughter Hook and follow into the Spinning Demon and you’ll be able to ride them straight into the corner.