Kazuya Players Unite!



I don’t know if this has been posted already or not but, I was looking for Kazuya players to train with and there’s not many online to train with :-(. So post up your gamer tag so other Kazuya players can get together, and either fight with or figure out things with. The format lists locations so if you want to play with someone in your area wit less lagg than someone further away, then that’s better.


Psn/Xbox: Xbox
PSn/Xbox Gamertag: Osameru
Location: Miami,Fl
Team: Kazuya, Zangief


Name: Slayerslice
Xbox 360: Slayerslice
Location: Netherlands


Team-Kazuya-Ryu(sometimes rolento)
Im intermediate


Why have I been summoned here…?! fire plumes in the background

Oh, right.

PSN: ViolentDjango
Team: Kazuya/Marduk
Location: Texas (Houston)

Skill wise? I guess I’m intermediate. Higher on the execution side, lower on the fundamentals (working on it.)


Name: chaoslimits
Psn/Xbox: PSN
PSN Gamertag: chaoslimits
Location: West Orange, NJ
Team: Nina/Kazuya


XBL: Sutter Pain
Location: Michigan
Team: Kaz and ogre/bob

Please add, would like to test stuff out in briefing room with someone.


Team: Kazuya and Ryu
Xbox 360: SodaPopinski3
Location: Florida


Name: Phoenx
GamerTag: Iyokuu
Location: Florida
Team: Kazuya/[still looking for the perfect match]
Skill: Still learning


Cool a lot of Florida players here that’s good. Time to add you guys :-). I want to open a room and test and make frame traps, anti mash set ups and work on Footsies, max DMg and bnbs


Kenny you noooooob :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Dj
Xbox Gamertag: iDeeejay
Location: Fall River, Ma
Team: Sagat/Kazuya


Name: Josh
XBL: TheBlackHombre
Location: Orlando, FL
Team: Ryu/Kazuya

will add all u florida brahs when i get the chance


Anyone wanna run some games? Preferably from the east coast please 8)


sure man. add me.




PSN: KoomZobe
Team Kazuya, Ken
Location Thailand but I have good connection:)


So far I’ve played Kenny (osamaru) Sutter, and blackhombre from these boards. Is this thread just going to die out? No one ever seems to want to run games >___>


i’ve been practicing those electrics just because of u brah. we can play some more matches sunday (when i go back to my apartment)


Funny thing is I made a thread specifically for getting people together and it’s only me and you that play each other, but we didn’t even meet on these forums lmao. Just randomly bows into each other online. I even deleted ppl off my list to add some Kazuya players, but it just seems like SFxT is dying itself :frowning:


its not dieing. everybody has finals brah. dont have much time to be playing right now.


Name: Jay
Psn/Xbox: PSN
PSN Gamertag: Jaybiggs08
Location: Bronx, NY
Team: Kazuya/Raven