Kazuya re-stand glitch

hey idk if people know about this tech yet buuuuut here it is:


the trick is to tag on the first hit of Rising Sun, and do a certain normal (not all normals work) on the third hit. Kazuya can create some CRAZY synergy with just this!

Damn that’s hot. Or you could take a combo to pretty much full scaling and leave them recovering in a standing position for a mix-up. No tech rolls for you~

You mentioned a character list in the description, but I didn’t see it. Care to elaborate? :o

Good stuff, to the lab.

Unrelated but Im listening to Ristorante right now then the next thing I hear is some Samurai Champloo. Right on!

character list will be up by the end of today buddy, have alot of work to do in this game, lots of combo studies and such :slight_smile:

Great find! Im starting to use this with Raven/Kazuya

Tried it with my characters and it works just fine with Nina. After the tag, I just jump in and j.:hp: and go into a ground chain from there. Big damage.

Nice find. Good stuff on the music too (you can never go wrong with Little People and Nujabes).

definitely sets up for some great combo possibilities due the the next character not having to deal with comboing off a ground bounced opponent.

great find and thanks for making that video!

Some other fun stuff upon playing with it… Kuro can do it too.

Also if you launch or tag into Kazuya, he can do cr.M, cr.H xx Rising Sun tag cancel. The cr.M before the cr.H gives the first character enough time to clear the screen.

This lets you loop this crap for a very frustratingly long time.

And the Mega Damage Combos Begin…

It’s actually not so big of a damage increase, because the combos scale really fast in this. It just makes combos go for a long, long time.

Someone just showed me this.

Juri c.lp > c.hp doesn’t link. When using this glitch it does.

Extra frame advantage?

i didnt realize it was a glitch i do it all the time and do a rolento rekka off it. i didn’t even think it was anything special because alot of characters with lingering specials can tag cancel for good dmg like laws rapid punch thing leading into a full free super off tag cancel

well the special thing about it is that they are clearly in juggle state but when hit with most normals, they return to standing. that set off an alarm in my head idk about you

I found out about this early on and made some videos and posted them on the video thread early yesterday. Since this is dedicated to it, I figure I’ll post what I got.


These were all made early Saturday so if anything was already found, then yeah, you’ll know why this may be dated.

we found it roughly at the same time, i tried uploading mine saturday night but pinnacle was being a little pussy. The jump-in thing is good too!! think of the options, you can just do ground restand ambiguous crossup reset or command grab with grapplers or the jump-in for good damage

Haven’t done any tests to see if universal, just found this video.

infinite is hype. It’s hella practical and derp as fuck to pull off. my new BnB (on characters it works on, mainly gief) until they patch it.

before the infinite was found the restand glitch seemed like it would be sweet in the long run but this discovery of the infinite means they’re most definitely going to patch it out :frowning:

only works on the fatties, for the most part:

abel, hugo, zangief, sagat, balrog, vega, king, marduk, ogre, or kuma.