Kazuya Rolento Ryu & Heihachi

So let’s be honest, is there no way to play this game competitively without one or more of these guys in your lineup? I may have gotten this a day ago, but I’m starting to notice a frustration induced trend with these characters. Tips and advice is appreciated, supported ranting is also acceptable.

I play Balrog/King (it sucks)

No there is no way, Juri and Jin are really good characters too (and more just two specific examples)

Ryu is almost a 70% chance he will appear online…the others I havent seen that much, I guess second would be heihachi.

How… unfortunate.

I play Jin/Ken/Ibuki/Yoshi,and I’m doing decent

1st off, Kazuya takes some skill to play efficently. Once you learn how he plays, hes more manegable. Hes just scary because of his damage.
2nd, Rolento is good but hes no Fei Long. Heard of Alpha Counter? Thats the BANE of Rolentos everywhere. Once you show him you know what an alpha counter is, youll see a lot less Rekkas. Plus, you can get 180 with an alpha counter or even more damage with just another bar, thats from you blocking an opponents safe move btw.

Ryu? You’re complaining about Ryu?? This is Street Fighter, of course Ryu will be there. He still has the same strengths. He also has the same weaknesses (even more thanks to all the new Tekken characters)

Heihachi is similar to Kazuya but once you learn his strings hes even less scary.

And I see King at high level just as much as any of these characters.

TL;DR? Stop complaining about other people’s characters and pick who you want

I agree, but Jin’s lack of anti air is appaling.

Way, way too early to be calling this. In a month’s time, someone may discover the Dan code and we learn he can do a one-bar super taunt that auto-wins the round. Ask again in two or three months to find out the really broken stuff.

This. Its too early to say yet. Many characters are looking strong right now though for sure.

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Hugo seems to be the flavor of the month at the moment from what I see as he is pretty dominant (seemingly). The characters you mentioned and Hugo use a more familiar play style so initially we are going to see a lot of them until people start figuring the other characters out.

Play who you enjoy and learn from your losses. It will all balance out in the coming months.

Ryu is good. Alpha counter is a bad matchup for Rolento.

How do I stop Ryu/Ogre teams?

Especially the jumping ryus and try to get you with the hunting hawk/infinite kicks ogre.

I main rolento and cammy/gief for the moment. Haven’t tried the rest, but i’m looking toward using Juri, Raven, and alot of other tekken characters i haven’t tried yet.

Kazuya online is the new wesker…in a 3 bar match he can just pound out his high low mixups and even if you know the pattern your fucked in a full bar match because of the stun and will eat shit…

I play Steve Kazuya (I don’t think they mesh well lol) but I’ve only been playin one week pretty much and only yesterday online for the first time which was ok but some weird sound things were messing me up. I really hope Kaz isn’t the new Wesker though I don’t really think there can be a wesker in this game, from what I’ve played because of the damage scaling and no comeback factor it feels pretty balanced.

I know the game has barely been out but I don’t think there’s a character that you can just pick and win, even people trying to just do it with Ken dps all day will eat huge punishes in this game. I’m still gonna stick with him because he’s cool as fuck. Steve is a strange character and using him at first is not easy at all so I think I have a balance of an ease char and a tough one which I’m gonna keep atm but gonna explore more tekken chars soon… there combos are just too much fun.

Too early to call balance.

IM Just gonna go with my gamble and call it early ,its more like he will be like online wesker, where online will make his frame traps and high low and over head shenanigans hard to deal with…Its just my gamble and from playing almost non stop since i got it. Its even more fucked that kaz ryu teams in ranked are becoming a large norm. with kazuya 5 hit 50% of your life combos…i expect alot of ryu kaz , or relento kaz or relento ryu. with juri i can deal with relento , kaz get me in a corner , i fucking cant get out

Play him even if he becomes the new wesker, i like him to ,wanted to learn team kaz and nina , but ryu and kaz in ranked is what im seeing is the trend, with guys with actual BP…

I think a sleeper high tier could be Raven. Seen some Japanese players using him and looked tricky to deal with.

kazuya is not the new wesker…kazuya is hard to learn. Anyone could use wesker and win.

I may have gotten a 6-day-old game yesterday, but take it from me, guys, the online warriors are clearly setting the trends for this game’s tiers.

Well lets see u thought u wouldnt meet alot of ryus,kazuyas and heihachis online? Really ? They are fan favourites doesnt matter how good they are ppl gonna pick them. Ok Rolento is just hype and good ppl gonna pick him ofc too.

i think frame trap block strings are more potent than high/low block strings.

once you learn to block the high/low strings, you can punish most of them

but the frame trap ones are deadly cause you can’t press any buttons when it’s done. you just have to let them keep doing it. this is why alpha counters will become a big deal once people start learning to use them.