Kazuya solo?

I just started playing kazuya in the SFxT series and am having SO much fun with him alone. I tried playing with all other types of characters trying to find someone else but I have instead found to just want to solo with him.

I know this isn’t the correct thing to do since tag-ins are a big part of this game but I was wondering if anyone else feels this way.

Also I play Kazu Ryu and my gems are Both the Health gems and dmg reduction gem to give some perspective.

Lol I was just thinking this today. I found myself wanting to tough it out with Kaz the whole match over and over. He does soooo much damage that I don’t really see a need to tag in my partner for a combo. He’s only been coming out as a last resort. I haven’t tried everyone yet, but I don’t enjoy anyone nearly as much as him so far.

I’ve been doing the same thing. His pressure is so good I have a hard time finding someone else to complement his style.

I did however start messing with Kazuya/King last night and practiced with them more today, seems like King might be a good partner. You get equal/more damage with tags into King than he gets solo and because of Kings mix up he keeps the pressure on when Kazuya steps out.

im still trying to find kazuyas bff… i tried jin, but everytime i play him i get mindfcuked when i go back to kaz.

I was having this problem today, I just want to play Kaz, guess I am just a Kazplayer. I even used Kuro at one point with him.

He’s a great character, great damage, pokes, speed, has invul frames, super armor on some moves, good anti-airs. I went through most of the cast and ended up with M. Bison because his kick pokes are sick, and he has a lot of good get out of trouble moves. Kaz is excellent, but he needs a SF partner against some of the SF cast that can really zone him out like Vega.

Just started Bison’s trails… I think we have found a match made in heaven…

Sounds like this is turning into the partner thread. I’m currently using Nina, but I’ve played around with Hwoarang (sp?) and Chun Li as other possible partners. I haven’t played with Chun outside of Training mode yet, but her pokes are typically pretty good. (I hate the idea of taking the time to charge moves in this game, though.)

As for Vega, I’m getting the impression that most of the cast will have trouble with him. Maybe you guys should try Kaz/Vega, and capitalize on those pokes.

i like ken and kazuya

Depending on the match up I use Bison/Kazuya or Kazuya/King one team is more poking and one for damage/mix-up. Guess which is which.
I’m loving Kazuya though so no matter the team I run Kazuya is on it.