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Kazuya is has to be the no. 1 punisher in the game. Take advantage of this and a lot of opponents will be afraid to randomly throw out punishable moves against you. here’s an example
cd = crouch dash. f,n,d,d/f
wd = wave dash. f,n,d,d/f,f,f,n,d,d/f repeat
ld = light dash. Same as wd but you do roughly around 6 ? 9 in one second.
ewgf = electric wind god fist. f~n~d~d/f+2 or f~n~d/f+2
dewgf = dash wind god fist. f,f~n~d~d/f+2 (I?m not going to get into an argument about the command here)
ddewgf = deep dash electric wind god fist. f,f,f~n~d~d/f+2
cc = crouch cancel. When in crouch, ss or f,f.
ch = counter hit
ws = while standing. Putting the stick into neutral while crouching and doing a move during the standing up animation
wr = while running. f,f,F
ss = side step. u,n or d,n
sw = side walk. u~U or d~D
P1 = Player 1 (left hand side)
P2 = Player 2 (right hand side)
h = high
m = mid
l = low
-10f: 1,1,2 (25 dmg, KD)(HIGH , HIGH ,MID)*****

  • 11f: b+1,2 (33 dmg, KD)(Quick left jab , folowing with strong right)(HIGH , MID)****
  • 12f: 1+2 (22 dmg, KD)_2,4 (25 dmg, +5)_2,2 (30 dmg, +6)(kazuya ducks slighty…going a close range 2hit)(MID MID)*
  • 13f: ewgf(ELECTRIC WIND GOD FIST)(A faster version of WGF) (23 dmg, juggle)(Shoryuken…but stays on the ground lol)(HIGH):pleased:*****
  • 14f: d/f+2 (21 dmg, +5), b+2,4 (24 dmg, +?)(crouches slighty and delievers a blow to the mid section)(MID)

From crouch

  • 11f: ws+4,4 (31 dmg, -4)(MID MID)***
  • 13f: ws+1,2 (22 dmg, juggle)(MID MID)***
  • 16f: ws+2 (25 dmg, juggle)(MID)
  • Big block stagger (law d/b+4 etc.): cc, ewgf or cc,f,f+3.(A JUMP KICK)(HIGH)

Moves with good range
This section is about tools that players should be using for Kazuya?s spacing in his ground game.

  • ewgf_wewgf_dewgf(HIGHX3)*****
  • f+3(MID)***
  • d/b+4(LOW)***
  • d/b+3(LOW)*
  • d/f+2(MID)**
  • ws+3_wd,n+3(JUMP KICK)(HIGH)
  • f,f+3(MID)****
  • f+4***
  • cd,n+4_ws+4****
  • u_u/f+3***
  • Basically any wd_ld move***

using a well time ewgf and mid/low mixup can keep your opp. on their toes

Here are some options after ewgf
-If back dash (F+3) Kazuya will extend his left leg(this moves has high range , one of his top 10 moves)
if ssr(side step right) ws +4 or a wd , n 4

-dash in] go for another ewgf.

Thats it for now
thanks to shotokan on tz for dmg and etc info

links for d/l* more to come*


ps EWGF is your right hand man… get it?!? :wow:


The new indepth WD/LD mishima tactics video

I will try my best to translate… just ask me

Holeman vids will be up soon
Tong bal vids will be up soon



At 50% rate is not as good of a rate to have but it can always be improved

Keep at it man


Just wow at 1:08. :wow:


I know man

Kaz is for the og’s lol

little percentage of new kaz players having success… that may change who knows


lol Kombo, you’re gonna play Kaz also? Good shit, I’m gonna be around here lurking and asking questions most likely.


And I will stalk both of you cause I hate Kaz lmao.


U better add a 3rd fox…:rofl::rofl:


^^ Dude that avatar is bitchin! lol

I really need to work on getting the ewgf down and my punishing with Kaz. Its like I’ve reached my limit with ewgf though. Its so damn hard. :frowning:


Man on an un-related note, your av owns.


Just posting to say Kaz really changed a lot since DR, or even vanilla 6 for that matter. If you don’t have a mastery of dewgf, you can’t really bulldog anymore. A lot of his safe pressure moves got removed/became unsafe. So if you want rushdown Kaz, learn to wd and ewgf on a both sides 100% of the time. Otherwise, it’ll be a lot about countering opponent’s mistakes with ewgf, much like Sagat in SFIV. Kazuya probably has the best punish game of all the cast, maybe only Heihachi tops him regarding pure combo damage.

I was never really crazy with Kazuya, just dabbled with him sometimes while waiting for play mahvel at sunnyvale golfland/milpitas golfland, but if anyone has anymore questions I’ll be glad to answer them. I’m not good with specific MU questions, but I can help with common execution mistakes with EWGF and wavedashing, both of which are a must for Kazuya to be any decent.


Oh yea, since no one bothered to explain how to do EWGF, I’ll do it.

You will know you did ewgf corectly if you see Kazuya yell DOUYA after uppercutting. If he doesn’t say anything, you didn’t press 2 fast enough and now you’re gonna get punished by a -10 frame on block move ^_^.

Here’s a hint, mash 2 while doing the srk motion. Works for me like a charm.


quick question: what moves are great for B! with Kaz?


Most people use D/F+3 or D/B+2.


His best bound right now is D/B +2

Others that are just as good are

D/F 1 ,2
U/F +3

The rest are just ok… or have good mixup


d/b+2 does the most damage, but d/f+1, 2 is used if the opponent is too far away for d/b+2. Other bounds like u/f+3, f+4, and ff+3 are mostly used for the walls.


that Kaz is the biz. really feeling his confidence and he def had skill


Learning Kaz.
Right now i’m doing db+3 as my poke and uf+4,4,4,4 spin kick thing a lot.
scrubby, but i’m new to Tekken. :slight_smile:


thxs. I been experimenting with d/b +2 and that shit is awesome for B!

d/f+1, 2 is great in case they are to far for the d/b+2 as Hirayu stated.

What are some follow-ups you use?

I use b EWGF, or f/N/D/f/ +4,1 at the moment.


Add d/b+4 to your list of low pokes, that move is very good.

I would not recommend using u/f+4,4,4,4 a lot, because it hits high, low, low, then mid, but it has hellsweep properties where if the lows are blocked, the mid will not come out. Death on block. It will only work on noob players who don’t know how to block low or in laggy online matches.


f+3 is stupid lol.