Kazuya ver.2013

• MP - Hurt box enlarged

  • 6F added to Boost combo (-5F on hit/-9F on block)
    • HP - Hurt box enlarged
  • Push back on hit and block reduced
  • 4F added to Boost combo (-10F on hit/-15F on block)
    • HK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • cr. LK - Hitbox reduced
  • Hurt box enlarged
    • cr. MP - 6F added to Boost combo (-5F on hit/-9F on block)
    • cr. MK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • cr. HP - 8~9F of arm only is invincible versus jumping attacks
    • Right Splits Kick - Midair hit causes ground bound
    • EX Rising Uppercut - Forward movement increased
  • Damage 80->100
    • Demon God Fist - Increased midair combo count
    • EX Demon God Fist - Damage 80+100(180)->80+120(200)
    • Mist Step - Removed invincibility to standing attacks
  • Hurt box reduced
    • EX Slaughter Hook - Removed invincibility to strikes
    • Rising Uppercut (Fastest Input) - Block stun reduced by 2 (-1F on block)
    • Skull Smash - Damage 120->130

Special move meter gain:
• Mist Step: whiff 5->0
• Rising Uppercut: whiff 5->10/On hit 40->20
• Rising Uppercut (fastest input): whiff 15->10/On hit 40->30
• Dragon Uppercut: whiff 5->15
• Dragon Uppercut to Middle Kick: On hit 40->15
• Dragon Uppercut to Spinning Low Kick: On hit 40->15
• Spinning Demon: whiff 5->10/On hit 40->20
• Spinning Demon -> Spinning Demon: On hit 40->15
• Spinning Demon -> Spinning Demon Hook: whiff 5->10/On hit 40->20
• Rising Sun (L): whiff 10->15/On hit 40
• Rising Sun (M): whiff 10->15/On hit 40×2(80)->20×2(40)
• Rising Sun (H): whiff 10->15/On hit 40×3(120)->15×3(45)
• Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kick: On hit 40->15
• Slaughter Hook: whiff 15->10/On hit 40×2(80)->20×2(40)
• Slaughter High Kick: whiff 15->10/On hit 40×2(80)->20×2(40)
• Devastator: whiff 15->10/On hit 40×2(80)->20+30(50)
• Demon God Fist: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->60

Looks like his footsies and reversal options took a hit but his damage is still intact. What do you guys think of those Kazuya changes?

Definitely gonna miss being +1 after EWGF… I can’t wait to destroy people for rolling though

So what is Kaz’s best get-the-heck off me option now that ex slaughter hook isn’t strike invulnerable?

Sucks that EWGF is nerfed. Oh well. I wish is was at least 0 on block. Really sucked that they nerf somethings that execution rewards.

I remember some early news about 2013 saying that ex wgf is going to be fully invincible on startup (like http://www.fightersgeneration.com/screens/sfxt2013.htm).
I wonder was this cut from the final version?

I say learn to block and just fuck people up with EWGF more. EWGF having all of those properties and being + 1 on block was retarded and typical Capcom doing poor translations of moves into other games. In Tekken it couldn’t hit crouching people so even with the strong properties you could just crouch to make it whiff. In this game you are forced to make contact with it even if you are crouching so they had to do something to compensate.

Execution doesn’t excuse having something that fucks everything up for free. Even with the nerf (if you can even call it that) EWGF is still the best move in the game.

All the ex QCB punches have strike invincibility. Even if SH is nerfed, SHK and Devastator probably retain their strike invincibility. I also remember the ex WGF statement; we’ll need to wait and see on that one.

Spoken like non-Kazuya player. EWGF is a great move but it is not the best move in the game; not even close. Based on properties alone, (other than damage ouput) Hei’s EWGF is better with waaay less risk (and there are way better moves than that).
+1 on block would be problematic if it was right in your face (like Cyanide). After a blocked EWGF you can block and react to anything if you hold down back (hardly fucks everything over). Not only that, you give up immediate pressure (I use blocked EWGFs as a get-off-me). +1 to -1 doesn’t bother me; no good player gets hit by stuff after EWGF (just like no good player pushes buttons after Dynamite Heel).

I don’t mind the nerf. It’s effectively a 480 point mistake punish-er for no meter. And “-1” on block will still allow for pressure situations, you just can’t be a robot about it anymore. The same thing happened to Yun’s EX lunge punch in SF4, and he still can maintain pressure in the most reasonable sense. Just be glad they did not make it “-3.”

I was expecting Kazuya to get hit alooot harder than he did, happy he didn’t :smiley:

So… anyone see uses for his fwd mk overhead causing ground bounce on air hits. It might be able to blow up some of the bad backdashes if timed right. But combo-wise, do you think it will replace anything or open up new possibilities?

I think for average players it will add combo opportunities. But if they can still hit BnB EWGF combo* there will be few uses for it.

I do wonder how deep into an juggle the Demon Fist will hit. Could it be a new “ender” to the BnB EWGF combo? Sure hope so. It would be nice to get the hard knock down and a bit more damage after the 4th EWGF.

*BnB EWGF combo = EWGF> EWGF> s.mp> EWGF> s. hp > EWGF> EWGF

So, I did some testing. The new RSK will open up some combo possibilities off of tag canceled AA DPs, it will function just like Juila’s F+HP. I will allow him to get a bit of extra damage (not much when you take the whole combo into consideration) in some situations.

Ex slaughter hook nerf hurts a lot. Capcom pls ;_;

ooooh new dorya audio/visual cue? pleased*

So since MS is no longer mid-invincible, EWGFs wont work as a reversal / blowup button midscreen anymore will it?


OK guys say it with me:

  1. EWGF is a just frame with down.forward
  2. EWGF does not have a mist step.
  3. EWGF still crushes highs and mids.

People will find out soon enough.
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This is by far, the best change done to Kazuya in this game. “Dorya!” is a much better way to confirm the EWGF than looking for purple lightning. The new visual cue is icing on the cake.

So, overall he’s still a beast hu ?

so it is confirmed that EWGF is now -1? not that it matters too much but good to know.