Kazuya VS Rolento

Kazuya’s matchup against Rolento is one of my more difficult matchups to deal with. His Frame Advantage on the vast majority of his normals makes it difficult to deal with his pressure. However, the only solution iv found to shutting Rolento’s momentum down is by cross canceling his rekkas and crossing up ex patriot circles into full combos. Unfortunately, good Rolentos wise up on throwing out random rekkas and just continue to poke out normals for easy hit confirms. What are some ways you guys figured out how to beat rolento.

I’d like to know this as well, only character I’m truely having a problem against with Kaz right now

ex slaughterhook should make him rethink a little before going crazy with jabs
you gotta make him respect that

I am having problems with Juri. I can’t wavedash inside or I will get hit by low-fireballs and she can jump me all day while I can’t jump on her. She can AA and combo off it.