Kazuya's EWGF

I’ve been doing it but I haven’t been able to get it down 100% or even 90%. Any tips or techniques so that I can land it perfectly.


Official EWGF thread. I always thought his was the hardest to hit…I’m probably biased because I play Devil Jin/Jin more.

Kazuya has the easiest one but you can figure through the thread :wink:

When doing it you need to make sure that your mist step is .5 or less and your down or Diagonal is matched with 2

f,n,d+2 you maybe can do it the second time f.n,d/f+2 but its best for f,n,d +2

What the devil are you talking about?

Mist-step -> f,n,d/f+2
Classic -> f,n,d,d/f+2

There is no other notation.

My Bad I ment

If your mist step which is f,n (sorry for leaving out neutral) is not on point, meaning if your waiting till he sways to left or right it wont work.

I forgot to add neutral after f my bad… Ill edit

Uh oh, it’s spreading.

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Kombokaze so u do post here lol, thought u were only a TZ guy.


Mist-step: f,n,d,d/f
WGF: f,n,d,d/f,2
EWGF: f,n,d/f+2

You must tap d/f and 2 at the same time.

looks around thread



Thanks, I was meaning that when I said " Matched with 2"
But you worded it better for everyone to understand

To me kazuya is the hardest cause of the mist step but it’s actually the fastest because you don’t need the down just d\f +2 honestly I’ve been playing Tekken for over a decade wasn’t able to do electrics until about six months ago and all it took was getting a stick I like ,and really thinking about that nuetral if you have tekken dr online I’d be happy to practice with you.

I need to try a stick with my Mishimas…I play on pad (Easier to play my mains with a pad) but you try EWGF practice for an hour and see how the thumbs like it.

no. mist step with kazuya = f

that’s it. you input forward, he does a mist-step. during that mist-step, if you input a correctly timed d/f & 2 he does and electric wind god fist. input the d or d,d/f & 2 he does a non-electric wind god fist.

Yeah it’s not that it’s hard because I land it frequently but until my stick comes in I’m stuck with the pad and figured it would be nice to tune up my skills. Thanks for everyones help and would love to have a match with anyone in DRO.

I beleive you can do an electric either way as long as you hit the d/f and 2 at the same time I beleive the only real difference is one frame instead of 11 frames on f,N,D,d/f+2 and f,N,d/f+2 is 10 frames I’d have to check zaibatsu but I beleive this to be true.

kaz is the simplest one to do out of all people!

I do it like this F,D (df2) or F - (df2)

Guys…this thread is actualy very helpful.

Ive read the zaibatsu forum but they still said f, n, d, d/f ~ 2 which is a lot gayer than just telling me to press f,n,d/f+2

If i could give kudos to you guys i would give kudos to everyone in this thread. absolute legends, the lot of you.

wow I’m surprised you find this thread that helpful. I only started it to ask a question. But yeah it’s a lot easier than zaibatsu makes it out to be.