KBA glitch?

Why is it sometimes when I do cammy’s KBA she starts from the side of the screen and hits behind them first? I know some of you have seen this. Not when ur doing the basic KBA combo, but when u try to counter sentinel while he’s in flight mode or when somebody does a move that has lag. If I can time when Sentinel is about to end his HSF I do KBA but sometimes cammy comes out behind sentinel. I did this twice in a row at the cade. I think that it has to do with a fixed height that u do the KBA that it will appear behind them. I’m pretty sure its unblockable because it comes from behind them from the side of the screen.

   My question is if the KBA can somehow be done to actually be unblockable (meaning coming from side of screen first, but behind them)? At first it seemed random but, I did it twice in one match against sent. I remember trying to duplicate the height that I did it the first time and the second time it worked. Your input is please.

dOOd!!! Cammy has a gaurd break but no unblockable only unseen cross-up or reset. I showed this reset to Justin Wong and was impressed by it.

Do this shit… Snap back a character and do a KBA. Do it in a combo motion or do it when the characters body half way on the other side then do a KBA. Watch what will happen. RESET!!! I do this all the time at my arcade but since everyone has seen it I dont do it anymore. If you still dont get it… the other character will come out on the other side and the KBA will hit 'em

As for the super against sent. It’s all about the animation. Thats why sometimes you miss a KBA super its either because you are tooo high on the screen or the animation is holding both of the characters down. Sent is a big character therefore he stays low I’ve seen this so many since back in the ages its not an unblockable its just a reset.

Although, I’ll tell you this… Cammy has a GLITCH that when you’re about to die you can jump or double jump and do a KBA and it will glitch out by hitting your opponent from behind without him knowing. She just appears behind you and a combo will connect. I have not perfected this but ive done it a couple of times on most top tier characters not just sent

Hey Shogun, are you still working on that Cammy vid/tutorial?

Yea, KBA on in-comings is pretty cool as how Cammy looks like she is spazzing out trying to figure out the side to connect from (at the same time producing a left-right cross-up) and that there isn’t a target. It’s too bad it doesn’t always hit…sometimes she just seems to ‘give up’ and drop lol