why is it sometimes you can fall out of the KBA?

and. if you hit by KBA and you mash… is it easier to fall out?


that can never be answered because it happens at random. the only that anyone could give you is try not get to high when doing an air combo, try to be at mid air that way your chances of cammy droping the charecter are low.
The other tip I can give you is to never trust Cammy to make a comeback for you. Because of that stupid kba I lost.

theoretically speaking, let’s say cammy has a bit of life left and cyclops jumps in the air and tries to chip you to death with the MOB, if you were to do a cannon spike XX KBA, would that hit cyclops ? or better yet if he’s chipping another character and you variable counter cammy in (assuming she’s on anti air) could you then cancel into a kba to counter ?

Sometimes yes and other times no

That can work. You just gotta make sure they ain’t too close tho. I mean, KBA can get you screwed up or screw the other person. Its a roll of the dice. It really really sucks when your KBA hits the opp assist instead of him. I mean, If you can predict AHVB very well, then by all means do it to protect the assist. Works well too if you can predict Senintiel going into fly mode too. One time, I mashed out of Magneto’s Hypergrav tempest in the air and KBA and suprisly didn’t get hit from the leftover tempest projectiles after the first hit on him.

if clops is about to MOB wouldnt it be better to just KBA with out the cannon drill…?

not sure about the counter. would cyclops’ MOB be considered a proj?

im pretty sure that KBA will not go through a proj.


kba goes through all cyc’s supers but c drill and c spike cant

true I should just go for the KBA itself, dunno what i was thinking, she’s invincible at start up though right ?

What are the properties of the KBA when an opponents assist is on the screen ? Sometimes I get the opponent and other times I hit him but the KBA stops.

Like I explained before and I’ll explain again. Cammy is invincible from all projectiles from the entire startup to the very first hit of the KBA. It kinda winds up like Storm’s hail cept you can’t hit her at all. If it hits the assist it was just stop and you’ll get a flying screen effect (screen locks in place). You can get an assist and the opp both in the KBA but it doesn’t work so well and theres chances of your opp floping out somehow during the middle of it. The opp and assist have to basically be in the same spaces and the opp has to obviously not be blocking. Its a great attack against Cable, Storm, Sentiniel, Cyclops, and anyone else I can think of. Cammy vs anyone 1 on 1 would probubly lean towards Cammy when used in the right hands. She can’t take a rushdown very well tho, and takes the damage like a b!tch. People count her as a fairy character tho, and she kinda is, but a damn good one at that. She can go thru Hail, she can go thru beams, nigga she can go thru everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

whoever said cammy comebacks are tough is full of it

i’ve had full life cammy while they had 2 full guys and one guy at like 1/4 and came back to win

90% of the time i can cammy comeback XD

70% cammy can make a comeback
30% she fucks you up IE: Dropping a character such as cable with 3 bars in the middle of the KBA.