Kbranden's Viewlix clone


Hey all,

I have a couple questions for you guru’s out there. For starters, I have absolutely no woodworking experience but trying to build a viewlix Clone anyways. Here is the pic of where I am at right now.


BTW - I do have the side/front beveled additions done for the control panel box, just not put on yet. So it won’t look boxy like in the pic. :slight_smile:

Anyways, questions.

1). What would you suggest using to fasten the marquee arc to the frame? I’m having a bit of trouble because for one I opted not to have the side opening (on the side panels) to move the TV in and out. I actually have to lose’n one of the side panels from the base to get it in from the back. So, I can’t really glue it on. A straight bracket inside won’t work because the curve of the arc starts too soon for it to work. I thought about either drilling holes and using dowels or finding a bracket that would go from the top to the side at a 45 degree angle (But can’t really find anything out there). What would you suggest?

  1. Any suggestions on who can build a good marquee. I’m not sure if I can take plexi and cut the rounded shape as well as paint it evenly enough to look good.



I want to say you might have to make a jig so you can drill holes and add dowels or use a bracket.
Issue is I don’t know how the rest of your cab is built so I can’t suggest a courser of action.


Thanks for the reply. Here’s a side view from an earlier pic to show you how the back looks. I’m not sure if this will help.


What would work perfectly is a shelf bracket if it just had the 45degree bar and not the 90 degee bar as well. I think using a dowel would be a great approach, but nervous about aligning the holes. :frowning:


It might be too late now, but I would have included a tongue and groove join for both sides of that arch piece.


You might have to bite the bullet and out a bracket on the outside face.
But lets wait to see what other people come up with.


Gameongrafx, emdkay, among others can do marquee art. Jasenscustoms might be able to as well. The are a handful of additional sites that handle it, but there are a lot of users with experience and will vouch for those shops.