KC MaxOut Monthly

Hey ggs and thanks to everybody who came out to KC’s monthly. I want to thank STL and Wichita for coming over.

**SF4 **

1 Rex (Boxer)
2 JJJ (Zangeif/Blanka)
3 Clint Corman (Dict)
4 NKI (Dict)
5 Kurasa (Boxer)
5 TwilightFox (Chun)
7 Axiom (Ryu)
7 KTH (???)


1 Twillightfox (Jin)
2 Radian (Nu)
3 Warden (Rachel)
4 Ky_Des(Jin)
5 ArkiveZero (Rachel)
5 Zer0 (TAGER)
7 Kurasa (Tao)
7 Pata (Hakumen)


1 Ky_Des (Ky)
2 Axiom (Sol)
3 Radian (Dizzy/Baiken)
4 ArkiveZero (Jam)
5 Nick (Chip)
5 Zer0 (Pot)
7 Inferno (Jam)
7 Eugene (Millia)

Rex congrats for winning SF4 again. Kong I’m still hurting from that beating you gave me:sweat:. And Clint good job getting Tager into the top 8.

I enjoyed playing BlazBllue even though I wasnt planning on it. lol

yo rex, you gonna cut me a slice of dat cake for the mickey D’s i bought you? :stuck_out_tongue:

wish i coulda gone. i hope you guys recorded twilightfox vs Radian’s BB finals. would like to see how jin can beat a nu.

lemme see dem ranbat points :smiley:
ggs all ill enter bb next month

I’mma be reppin that Tager and Bang next month, you’ll see.

lol try to win one ok :smokin:

You must do “the” move with bang.

Thanks to all that made it out. Hopefully next time there won’t be as many no/shows. If only we could find a way to keep all the heads that made the first Max Out interested…

If you have flyers made I could put them up around Independence/Blue Springs.

I will probably leave flyers at the Gamestop and Comic store I frequently visit.

Maybe for some people it is far from their place of residence and don’t feel like driving. That could be it but I dont know. I dont mind driving but some other people might. I just would rather not be in the Jayhawker state lol.

I had a great time up there (even though I got destroyed in TWO loser’s finals -_-), great matches everyone.

I had a great time too, thanks alot KC for another great tournament. Many apologies for being 6 hours late. We had left at 9am hoping to reach there by 12pm, but things went astray reeeeeeaally badly.

Thanks to Dave for the directions, and thanks to John for the beer recommendations. Definitely made a long day much more bearable.

Nice seeing all the old faces again: Le, Kong, Clint, Nick, Rexor, and Ben! Joplin where were you!? :rofl:

LOL at me getting in the top 8 with Tager. I should not of made it that far but hell i’m not complaining. It was nice actually going against other characters that don’t focus on zoning. And despite what I said on saturday or pretty much just whenever I’m still gonna be reppin TAGER. I just gotta learn to defend myself properly and buy a stick so i can do so damn 720s.

Chachi good shit on Saturday. Those 30 something matches vs. your Arakune helped us both out. Stick with him man and don’t forget to be patient your gonna be a big annoying as hell to fight against in the future.

Kaal I expect to see you at the next one man. I want some Tager vs. Tager matches. Well show these fools some real Soviet damage!

thanks man it will be great if you can get the word out there