KC Maxout Ranbat S1 finale results (10/3)


Street Fighter IV Singles

1st- TwilightFox (Chun)
2nd- Warden (Bison)
3rd- Chachi (Ryu)
4th- Lyquid (Sim)
5th- Ben Ra (Balrog/Guile)
5th- Axiom (Ryu/Chun)
7th- BoxBroSG (Cammy/Akuma)
7th- Wally (Ryu/Blanka)

** Street Fighter IV 2v2 (round-robin format) **

1st- Chachi (Ryu)/Warden (Bison)
2nd- Lyquid (Sim)/Ben Ra (Balrog)
3rd- Axiom (Chun)/TwilightFox (Ryu)
4th- JSpot (Fuerte)/Han (Cammy)
5th- BoxBroSG (Akuma)/Luigi182 (Vega)

** BlazBlue **
1st- TwilightFox (Jin)
2nd- Radian (Nu)
3rd- Axiom (Jin/Ragna)
4th- ArkiveZero (Rachel)
5th- blargh (Arakune)
5th- Count Smakula (Bang)
7th- Warden (Litchi)
7th- Chachi (Jin/Arakune)

Thanks to those who made it out, good to see new local faces as well as people driving out of their way to compete.

Congrats to TwilightFox for winning this season’s SFIV title, he scored an extra $50 for his efforts.

New season starts next month with the release of Tekken 6 to consoles. Bigger prizes and other shenanigans are in the works. Will Kong defend his title? Will Rex come every month and take all of our fight money? Most importantly, will anyone outside of Missouri and Kansas give a shit? Stay tuned…


Oh, TwilightFox won? I am so suprised… :). That guy is too beastly. Sorry I couldn’t make it out, hope to see you guys next month. Btw, how was the BB turnout this month?


good shit to my boy wally-bear… showing up to his first tournament :wgrin::lovin:


Sorry Iokain and I couldn’t make it…I had the flu.

Next tournament boobie lady will be there.


its Wally with two L’s for future references


Is TwilightFox eternally cursed to lose doubles?! should be one of the lines in the post.


See, I figured it was two L’s but Le insisted it was just one. That’s what I get for listening to him. My bad Wally.

Kong wanted to switch it up and keep things interesting for doubles. I for one am not complaining about that turn of events.


Sorry wally my bad I was sure that you said waly when I asked. I’ll get that fixed for next time.


oh i had said one L cause my name is Philip, but wally has two, its all good


Ranbat season results. Top 5 for each game.


1st - TwilightFox - 24
2nd - Rex0r - 16
3rd - Chachi - 12
4th - Warden - 10
4th - JJJ - 10


1st - Twilightfox - 24
2nd - Radian - 15
3rd - ArkiveZero - 11
4th - Count Smackula - 6
5th - Warden - 5


1st - AxioM - 22
2nd - Radian - 11
3rd - Boxbrosg - 10
4th - Ky_Des - 10
5th - The FOUNDER - 9

Fun times fellas.

Next season will begin in mid-late November, and will feature TEKKEN 6 : BLOODLINE REBELLION, STREET FIGHTER IV, and BLAZBLUE. Other appearing titles will be: Guilty Gear Accent Core, Super Smash bros Melee, and we’re considering Mvc2, KoF, and Melty Blood.

Only Tekken, SFIV, BB, and GG will have ranbats.

2 dollars of each persons entry fee will go into a ranbat pot.

Ranbat split will be : 55/25/15/5/handshake.

I will be ordering trophies, working on T-shirts, sponsors, and better prizes for next season as well. I followed through on a prize for Kong, even though we hadn’t even been collecting for ranbats this time. I take care of the community. I’m grateful for the support I’ve gotten in these tournaments, and hope next season will be even better. Thanks again guys, see you in November!